Why You Have To Hike Cedar Creek Falls During Super Bloom, CA

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If your visiting San Diego or somewhere near there you HAVE to hike Cedar Creek Falls, especially during the Spring when everything is in full bloom. The smells are just magical! They’re are many hikes to do in and around SD. This is on my top list for you to go see FIRST!

This hike is only 50 minutes from SD. I was staying with my friend in Escondido which is also about a 40 minute drive. My friend was working for the day so I borrowed her car. The drive there alone was beautiful.

The directions took me through a neighborhood and then arrived at the gate. I parked on the side of road where a lot of other cars were.

Before you go you MUST get a PERMIT to do this hike.  Its only $10. Go to this site here and purchase it. I did the day before. Make sure the date you want is available. There was no one at the trail checking permits when I was there. However, I have heard they are strict at checking your permit leaving and going and if you dont have one you will get a ticket! So PLEASE just pay it, our parks can use/need all the funds to maintain these beautiful trails.

Now for the fun stuff! This was my view in the beginning of the trail! About five minutes in the hike the beautiful flowery smell took over.imgThe hike hike was a slight degrade all the way down, so be prepared to hike back up. However, its very moderate so it wasnt too bad. Just take your time. Which should’nt be a problem with these views!imgI could’nt get over the beautiful smells and flowers. imgButterflys were everywehere. img


Had to stop about half way down, it opened up with an amazing panoramic view. Of course I had to pose :D.imgHere is a better quality pano view. Rather than me taking a video and screen shotting myself.

Gosh, looking at it, makes me want to take Ron this year.img

imgThis was my first time ever seeing wild bees next in the ground! The buzzing sound was intense! The nest were right next to the trail.  It was cool experence to be swarmed. They did’nt bother me at all. I did’nt get sung but some others did, so just be aware, walk slow and dont mess with them.img

imgThe trail leveled out more than half way down.

The yellow flowers were SOOO pretty!!imgYou cross three streems this was the first one. (I took on the way back out since I forgot on my way in)imgSteam #2, easy to balance on the rocks. imgStream #3imgAbout a quart mile left it got super woodsy.imgYou could hear the waterfall!

At last….. I made it! These guys were crazy flipping in. imgI made it this far not to jump in myself, so I did! I seem to have more courage to do certain things when I am on my own rather than traveling with others. Typically, when I am standing on the edge of anything to jump in, I hesitate, sit there and sike myself out while my friends yell at me to just GO!

This time around I climbed up to the top with a crowd of people staring, I looked over the edge, took a deep breath and just went for it without a second thought.img

This was a hike I did on my own, which is also a new thing for me. I am not a “solo” traveler. So, I was quite proud of myself!

What was your first hike all alone?

The black water marks and the greenery was beautiful. img

imgThere were a few dogs at the bottom. However, they HIGHLY do NOT reccomend bringing them. Many die from heat exhustion. It is cool in the morning but it heats up quickly and there is no water sources or shade for them besides the falls area.img

imgI could’nt get over the yellow, now just imagine the smell…

imgI never mind hiking the same trail in and out because there is always a new perspective.

Check out this mitten rock! I noticed it on the way up! I am from Michigan so seeing anything that slightly looks like a mitten I have to share. We have the coolest shape state… just sayin.img


Have you hiked during a super bloom before? I would love to hear from you! Comment below, Pin, share and subscribe to stay up to date on my latest adventures and guides!


Cedar Creek Falls Trail

LOCATION: Directions here

HIKE: 5.2 mi round trip – 935ft elevation

PERMIT REQUIRED: $10 day pass. Purchase here. Visitors must have proof of permit in their possession and a government state ID.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Backcountry hills of eastern San Diego. Considered a difficult hike. However, I didn’t find it too difficult. The way back up was steep, no places for shade. Give yourself twice as long back up. Cross three streams and arrive at a 80 ft waterfall in a large pool of water at the end of trail. I went in early May and the flowers were in full bloom. Dogs are not advised in this area due to the high number of canine deaths caused by heat stroke each year.

More details here.




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