Skydive in Kauai Hawaii – My full expereience + everything you must know!

off roading in kauai 2

Day 2

Sky Diving in Kauai- Jumping out of a plane at 10,000 ft!!

Nothing like checking off the most epic thing possible on your second day in Kauai! We decided to book our sky diving experience for 7 a.m. It was highly reccomened for the best views and weather, plus we had a full day ahead filled with FREE Kona coffee tasting, tacos, ice cream, off roading, mudding, sand dunning and exploring Waiama Canyon! More on that here.

The perks of a five hour time change, woke up at 5 a.m wide awake! Since were staying in Princeville we had an hour-twenty minute drive to Sky Dive Kauai!

Leaving at 6:15 a.m with the Jeeps top off, covered up in towels and hoods up! It was a bit chilly, but  worth it. Looking up was amazing! It was pitch black with a bright crecent moon and TONS of glowing stars.

Watch my little phone video of the moon on our drive!

We watched the sun rise as we drove through windy roads to Port Aurther Airport. My nerves were getting to me and was quite shaky (or maybe I was cold)!

imgJust before you arrive to the airport you drive right past a CEMETARY! How about that for the extra nerve affects! All we could do is laugh and hope for the best!

Ron decided he’s sitting this one out which means I am SKYDIVING ALONE… well without him. Watch his last words, lol! (CLICK PIC TO PLAY )img

Ron and I skydived for our first time eight years ago in Oahu. He’s said he’s rolled the dice plenty of times with his life and is content hanging out on the ground.

Signing the waiver is one of the most nerve racking parts! Each page states you may die or this could cause death. They also film you while you read off a statement that bascailly says you understand the waiver and are willing to still risk your life.

Our friends, Josh and Erica deicded to jump first for their first time ever! They got all suited up and ready to go! See that fany pack… yeah that’s a life vest! Being so close to the coast we have to have it, just in case the wind decides to land us in the water!imgWe stood on the lawn awaiting a tiny spec in the sky to watch them free fall from 10,000ft! It’s like a wheres waldo game! Here’s a couple epic shots from their jump!


imgNOW, FOR MY FULL EXPERIENCE! I gave Ron a big ol, smooch and said goodbye!imgFilming all my feels!img

imgPracticing my jump!imgAnd were off!imgI will admit, I dont enjoy flying, espically the take off, but willing to face my fears to do epic stuff! imgYou can see Poipu in the distance. If your lucky you can see whales, espically in January-February. Josh and Erica saw whales and dolphin pods!imgGetting excited!imgWe flew right over Jerrasic Park falls and Waimea Canyon which made this ride alone worth it! I LOVE seeing all the ridges.
imgWe had an awesome 20 minute flight climbing to 10,000ft.imgIt was time to get up close and personal! He connected our harnessnes together. If your weird about getting close, it’s not a big deal I promise, your adrenaline is pumping and you’ll just do whatever they say to be safe!

Yeah… the pilot is wearing a parachute!imgBy law they have to wear one which is great and it enhances the experince a bit! imgThe most TERRIFYING PART of all… opening the door! Once he opened the door the wind, seeing 10,000ft below and the feeling of falling out made my heart race! My brain was telling me this isn’t normal and you shouldn’t hang your feet out of a plane! However, that was’nt an option I was going to do this!

Head back and arms crossed!imgBefore I knew it he pushed off and were in freefall! Another reason why jumping tandom is amazing, you dont have to push yourself, your just along for the ride of your life with someone whos jumped 5,000 times!img

imgAs you can tell, I screamed the entire time, lol!img


imgI laughed so hard seeing this, my poor hair attacked him! It looks like he’s fighting off a snake!




My hand gestures says it all, lol!imgThis face!


Once he pulled the shoot I had to apologize for all the droll! It was going everywhere!

imgThis was my favorite part of all! Im not sure if it was because it was my second time ever jumping but I could relax and really soak up these beautiful views! The feeling of dangling feet and weightlessness surrouned by Kauai’s beauty is something you’ll have to expereince for yourself! imgYou dont realize your still 5,000ft in the air!

imgNow for some fun! He pulls one side of the shoot putting us into a spiral!

imgWe see our landing!


My hair was quite wild after the ride!
imgCould’nt thank him enough for such an epic experience and to land safely!img


Now, ask yourself, would you jump?! I would love to hear from you comment below, Pin, share & subscribe!



COMPANY: Skydive Kauai

DIRECTIONS: Port Allen Airport: 3441 Kuiloko Rd Hanapepe, HI 96716

PRICE: Tandem Skydive $239, HD DVD package $79, Photo Package $79, Photos & Video $109

(It’s not the cheapest expereince but its a once in a life time expereince we got both and so glad we did)

WHAT TO EXPECT: 20 minute plane ride climbing 10,000ft with beautiful views of Waimea Canyon, Jurassic Park Falls, and the coast. Possible whale sightings (best in Jan-March), dolphin pods. Small plane, can only go with one other jumper at a time. Bring a valid ID or passport. No scuba diving 24 hours prior to skydiving. 48 non-refundable cancellation policy.  They explain everything in great detail and answer all your concerned questions.

TIPS: Book early morning for best views and sunrise, there will be a million reasons you want to tell yourself to back out… but face your fears and do it anyways, see above why!

Not enough adrnaline pumping? Go to Kauai Coffee plantation right down the road and taste test over 32 flavors and take a self guided walking tour all FREE! + check out our ultimate day here!img





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