Why HIKE Jordan Pond trail in Acadia National Park

Girl on top of Bubble Rock Maine

If you get to do ONE hike in Acadia National Park I highly suggest you choose Jordon Pond Trail to the top of the Bubble Rock. It’s the perfect four-mile loop with some of the most beautiful views in the entire park. You can hike around the entire lake for an easy stroll and/or make it a bit more challenging by climbing to the top of one of the bubbles! Which, I feel you must do! Look at these views!

girl sitting Top of Bubble rock divide


Jordon Pond is famous for their pristine calm waters that has visibility up to 60 feet surrounded by lush forest and two bubble mountains in the distance. Unfortunately, I visited on a windy day. The entire lake was choppy so I couldn’t capture the iconic shot. However, I loved the fresh breeze during my four mile hike.

Jordan Pond is a glacier-formed tarn (a mountain lake and valley that is exposed after glacial erosion) with a water depth of 150 feet! The pond covers 187 acres with a shoreline of 3.6 miles long. The trail covers the entire perimeter of the pond.

There is no swimming allowed, Jordon Pond provides drinking water for nearby communities.


All trails map of Jordon Pond trail

I’m so glad I decided to take the route I did. Getting down from the top of the Bubble Rock was extremely steep. If I would have started from the opposite side, I don’t think I could have made it up alone! I had to take my backpack off and slide through a narrow rock just wide enough for my size 1 booty in one section! One couple turned back because she couldn’t climb up. So, if your wanting to make it to the top (which you should because its EPIC) be sure to take the same route I did!

Park in the Jordon Pond Trail lot. Click here for the directions. Start walking towards the boat launch and keep left along the trail that follows along the perimeter of the pond.

PHOTOGRAPHERS – There are endless composition oppurtunities!  It was too windy the day I went to get this iconic shot. This shot was from Greg Hartford, a local photographer who does workshops in/around Acadia!

Jordon Pond Greg Hartford Photo

Jordon Pond Greg Hartford Photo

In two miles you will reach Bubbles Divide trailhead on the left. You can continue along the pond for an easy well-paved stroll for a 3-mile loop around the entire pond or follow the trailhead up climbing over boulders for a half-mile gaining 486 feet in elevation. My favorite kind of hikes, mother nature’s stair climber!


Following the suggested route I took, you will walk up to the boat launch (you can see from the parking lot.) Look left and start making your way along the route. There are some forks, stay on the trail closest to the water.

Nearly half the hike is on a raised wooden path since the ground is a marshy wetland. Makes it for a unique hike.

Jordon Pond Trail girl walking

About a mile in you will walk along some boulders. There is not an obvious trail, just follow closest to the shoreline and the trail will pick back up in a couple of minutes.

I was messing around and hoping rocks, one of my favorite things to do, feeling like a kid!

Girl jumping rock Jordon Pond

Of course, I had to climb on top of the tallest rock.  It was the perfect snack break.

Girl climbing jordan pond copy

Doesn’t it look like a frogs head with its mouth open?!

Girl sitting on rock acadia nationa park copy

Once you reach the end of the lake (the middle point)  you will walk along two artsy bridges. This one was beautiful!

Girl cross bridge Jordon Pond

Keep an eye out for wildlife! I saw three female red-breasted mergansers perched on a log in the water.  I loved their mohawks!

Birds on branch in water Jordon Pond

I also saw a Loon nesting.

Loon on nest Jordon Pond Acadia

Shortly after crossing the two bridges you will come up to a fork in the trail giving you the option to continue straight along the flat paved path around Jordon Pond or up to the Bubble Divide. I wanted a workout so I choose the ladder.

You climb 486-feet in elevation in a half-mile.  There is no path. You are walking up large boulders, the perfect stair climber is you ask me! Follow the blue lines the entire way up.

Bubble rock divide blue trail marker

This part is steep but well worth the climb! I saw families and elderly (I’m talking like 70 year olds) do this hike so just take your time.

Girl hiking bubble divide rocks

At the top you will be greeted with a lush 365-degree view of Jordon Pond and beyond!

girl standing on top of Jordan Pond copy

This rock is sitting on the edge but don’t worry its a perspective shot! The fall isn’t all the way to the bottom :P!

Girl standing on bubble rock acadia

Girl jumping on top jordon pond

I was spoiled and had the whole place to myself for nearly twenty minutes around 10:30 a.m. I began hiking down and several groups were headed up. Reccommend leave early to beat the crowds.

I don’t think I should have to say this but pack out what you pack in! I found these two water bottles stuffed in a bush. Respect our parks. They are already underfunded.  Let’s help keep them beautiful together!

Plastic water bottle in bush 1

This is the part I mentioned above where it gets REALLY STEEP! I had to take my backpack off, hand it to a girl to slide down this small area.  I’d say this is the most challenging spot to cross. Other than that going down was easy.

girls feet Climbing Bubble divide rocks

The remainder of the trail was well-paved dirt path back to the parking lot. I hiked to the top of that bubble.

Girl hiking Jordon pond

Jordon Pond trail was the perfect relaxing stroll with an added bit of intensity but was well worth it for the views! I highly suggest if you don’t have much time to take this hike!

What is your favorite type of hikes?! I would love to hear from you! Comment below, Pin, share and subscribe to stay up to date on my latest adventures!

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DIRECTIONS: 2928 Park Loop Rd, Seal Harbor, ME 04675

DISTANCE – 4-miles roundtrip

ELEVATION – Mostly level entire way, climbing up the Bubble Rock you gain 486-feet in elevation over the course of half-mile and back down to level ground.


  • Busy during the summer months
  • Get the trail all to yourself by going EARLY! 😀
  • 20-30 parking spots + a couple RV spaces available
  • Bathroom in the parking lot
  • Dogs allowed on leash
  • No swimming, water is used for nearby communities
  • Suitable for all levels I saw several families with children and elderly
  • Jordon Pond trail 3.5 miles around the entire perimeter of the lake add a half-mile if you go up to Bubble Rock
  • Hiking up to Bubble Rock is steep, climbing over boulders. Follow the blue marks on rocks .
  • Top of Bubble rock is 365-degree views of Jordon Pond
  • Spend 1-2 hours. I meandered a lot and spent nearly FOUR hours here.
  • Pack a snack, water, and lunch to enjoy. Please take everything out with you.

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Girl on Top of Jordon Pond Trail


Girl on top of Bubble Rock Maine






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