Watsons First Flight Experience

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We’ve traveled hundreds of thousands of miles together. We’ve driven coast to coast and all over the US several times in a car but on April 21st, 2017 that all changed! Watson took his first flight! It wasn’t just any flight. It was a private flight where he could pick and choose where he wanted to rest his paws. There was no caging or cargo pits. He had the freedom to snuggle anyone he wanted besides the pilot of course! This wouldn’t have been possible without our wonderful pilot friends, Mitch aka “Quattro” and Josh.

We travel to Grand Haven often since Rons business partner lives there. It’s about a three and a half hour drive from home. The weather looked perfect so Ron suggested to fly in our friends plane! Since we always bring Watson along we thought why not make this his first flight!

Once we arrived, Watson jumped right in the plane as if he’s done it a million times. Maybe he thought it was just another ride somewhere. Little did he know that ride was going to be 6,000ft in the sky!imgThis my seat ma?imgSound check, all clear! We were about to take off and Watson looked a bit concerned.imgHere buddy you can take my hand.img

img It was smooth sailing the rest of the way after a bumpy take off.  Watson gave me the best kisses!imgKate, as always passed out right away!img

imgWe had an hour and a half flight so he took a little nap. I put my legs up so he could stretch out.img

imgAfter a while everyone was up!img

imgDid you hear that Watson?! Yeah mom, AHHHHHH! (GoPro captures the most awkward face expressions, lol)imgIt’s okay buddy I got you. #bestsnugglereverimgRon, learning how to fly. I don’t know if that makes me excited or nervous.
imgGroup pic before landing check list! imgGrand Haven is beautiful from the sky!img

imgI just told Watson were going to his best friends house. Can you tell he’s excited?! Look at those squinty eyes! Lets just say him and this other dog, Chloe have a strange relationship, lol. imgWalking as if were filming a music video or  just being dorks.img



imgWatch out for Watsons album, its about to drop.img

imgWe spent the next two nights hanging out with our friends from Grand Haven, Kurt and Dawn. We ate till we couldn’t eat any more, explored all the cute shops and had the best time! Its always sad to say goodbye but now we know its only an hour and a half flight from home! Till next time Grand Haven! This was our view leaving! Check out that coastal line view of Lake Michigan, all sandy beaches! img

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