Top iconic locations to visit during Winter in Jasper National Park

Winter jasper canada locations

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ARE YOU READY?! I am! Winter is coming and I can’t wait which is why I decided to go on a spur the moment trip with my friend Jeanine this past week exploring and photographing the most iconic landscapes Jasper National Park has to offer!

There is just something so magical about winter in the Canadian Rockies. Endless mountain views, pillowy snow along rocky streams, silent forests and snow-covered pine trees makes me feel all cozy and warm on the inside. As for the outside, that’s another story!

Jasper temperatures can range in the -30’s this time of year! Knowing we will be spending majority of the time outdoors from sunrise to the night starry sky I knew I had to come prepared!

Which is why I got Columbia’s South Canyon Down Parka and Maragal Waterproof Boot from Zappos to stay dry and warm for this trip! I needed a coat and boot that would keep me warm in freezing wet windy blizzard conditions while I stood in a location for hours taking photos but also cute if I were to wear it out on the town.

I love Zappos because of its FREE NEXT DAY shipping! Which is the best thing ever! This girl hates shopping in-store and I am always a last-minute shopper! I ordered just a couple of days before my trip. It also has FREE easy returns, which takes the stress out of buying online knowing if it doesn’t fit or I just don’t like it I can return it!

I’ve ordered from  Zappos and wore Columbia for many years so I was very excited to put these to the test through some extreme weather conditions.

With all that being said, here is a list of all the ICONIC locations in Jasper National Park and my experience!


I flew into Edmonton airport in Alberta Canada.  My friend Jeanine picked me up and we headed towards Jasper National Park. It’s about a five-hour drive. We stayed in Hinton just an hour outside Jasper to save some $$ at a cheaper hotel for the night. We woke up for sunrise and went to Beaver Board Walk hoping for some color and we got it! Breathtaking morning to kick off one heck of a weekend!

Sunrise girl walking on boardwalk canada


Beaver board walk hinton winter SMALL

Sunwapta Falls

I have seen this place all over social media and had no idea it was in Jasper so you better believe I was ecstatic! We got to explore it TWICE! The waterfall was still flowing the first day we went!

Sunwapta falls winter snow SMALL

Sunwapta Falls Falls winter frozen SMALL

Within just TWO days apart the waterfall completely froze over and will be for the rest of the season, so it was cool to see before! We decided to go back to find an angle that captures the entire round peninsula and falls! It was SUPER steep going down to this point so I put on my spikes, which fit perfectly on my boots.

Sunwapta Falls frozen waterfall SMALL


sunwapta falls asper

Athabasca Falls

There are endless breathtaking viewpoints within 10-minutes of easy walking. We found the iconic location you most likely have seen… of course, I had to dredge through a foot of snow, face some fears and stand on the edge of the canyon! I felt safe because these Columbia boots had a good grip when I was hiking down to this point, unlike some boots that feel like your wearing ice skates!

Athabasca girl standing edge

This viewpoint felt like a dream with dark shaded lines in the canyon, bright white snow, and milky blue water just after sunset.

Athabasca Falls view point Jasper winter

Pyramid Lake

We attempted sunrise at Pyramid Lake and all we got were clouds and snowfall! The snowflakes instantly melted, beaded and rolled off my parka keeping me dry! I, of course, had to catch some myself :p!

Pyramid lake winter bridge

You wouldn’t know it but Pyramid mountain is in the distance!  It cleared up for a quick moment before more clouds rolled in.

Lake jasper SMALL

Just up the street a little further was Pyramid Island, another top location to visit. Our goal was to photograph during the night and capture the stars, sadly it was thick cloud cover! It didn’t stop us hanging out from 5-8:30 am!

While it was pitch dark we played with some light painting! No idea what we were really doing but it was fun laughing, running around and seeing what we would get! That’s how we learn right :)! This was a 25-second exposure! I moved the headlamp up and down all the trees.

Pyramid Island Jasper winter SMALL

This was just an hour so later after sunrise.

pyramind island jasper winter



One morning we were heading out and came across 50+ elk hanging along the roadside! We stopped and watched for over an hour! These elks fought the entire time. One kept picking fights! I loved listing to their antlers crash against one another and make cute squealing noises!

elk fight snow jasper

Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge

We were under a winter advisory so we decided to explore the lodge we’re staying at. We had some fun throwing snowballs and finding gorgeous compositions for photos!

These were both shot the same day! One was during the day when it was a complete whiteout, can you spot me? The other was our last night! It finally cleared up for us to get some stars and mountains in the distance! Which mood do you like better?

Fairmont japer resort

Jasper winter night

Maligne Canyon

This was one of the main places my friend wanted to explore! During the winter months, the ranging river freezes over allowing you to hike up the canyon to frozen waterfalls! Not knowing what to expect, we started the hike. About 15-minutes in we came across this beautiful waterfall! I, of course, had to hike down and hop around! There were so many beautiful colorful rocks.

Jasper maligne canyon waterfall

I slipped on a perfectly round rock and dunked my entire foot in the water. I thought FOR SURE I got soaked but NOPE… my feet were completely dry! These boots have become my favorite espically in that moment! These boots are nice and form-fitting allowing me comfortably hike long distances in the snow unlike most of my boots where they are too big and clunky making it extremely hard to walk in snow. Every step I took felt like walking on clouds because of the cushion!

They highly recommend a tour guide since it can be very dangerous hiking down into the canyon. We decided to go on our own and follow other peoples footsteps. We got about 1/4th of a mile up the river and had to stop. It was a  little too early in the season to walk safely to the end. The river was still flowing beneath our feet.  We played around this area for a while. Feeling like an ice climber walking on the giant walls of ice!

maligne canyon ice cave jasper winter

I could share 1,000 more photos with you showing how breathtakingly beautiful it is during the winter in Jasper National Park! I hope to inspire you to make spontaneous choices and do the not so ordinary! We had all these locations nearly to ourselves!

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**Though this is a paid campaign all my opinions are honest and my own.

Huge thank you for Zappos and Columbia for keeping me warm during my winter wonderland experience in Jasper National Park. I have been dreaming of going to this place for YEARS! Never would have thought it would have been during the winter. Those are the best kinds of trips, spontaneous and unexpected!

Columbia South Canyon Down Parka – This coat is officially my favorite coat and I am not just saying that! I brought several coats during this trip and ended up wearing this one the entire time! It kept me warm/dry during hours of standing in one location while I shot photos in – degree weather but also not too warm while I hiked up steep hills. I am 4 11′ so this coat goes all the way to my shins! This was great for when it was windy. I thought I couldn’t wear it hiking because of the length but all I had to do was unzip the bottom area a foot and boom I could climb up steep rocks no problem! I LOVED the front-facing pockets. It was great to keep my hand warmers, chapstick, remote for the camera in there rather than reaching around. I wasn’t worried about anything falling out when I hiked either.. I didn’t think this little change would make a difference but it did.

Columbia Maragal Waterproof Boot – I was worried at first because they were a little narrow in the toe region. After the first day, I realized they fit perfect. I loved that they weren’t so wide and clunky like most winter boots. This allowed me to wear them during my hikes in the snow without feeling I had to work extra hard. I loved the style because I can wear them to work but also the outdoors. I put them through the test by dunking them into the water (no on purpose lol) and I stayed dry. I stood for hours in -15 degree weather and stayed warm. The comfort and cushion is unreal. It legit felt like I was walking on clouds.  I even wore these without socks sometimes because they were so soft also.

Zappos – I’ve shopped Zappos way back when they just had shoes! I love that they have ONE DAY  shipping! This makes it easy for my last-minute decisions for trips. I also hate shopping in-store.  Zappos also has many brands I love that I can’t get near me which is even better! They have AMAZING customer support too. I have had questions and they’ve answered quickly. I think my favorite part is FREE returns! I am a picky 4′ 11′ girl so it’s stressful buying something online hoping It will fit and will like it. This takes the stress away knowing I  don’t have to pay for something I’m not going to keep.

Columbia – When I first fell in love with the outdoors the FIRST outdoor brand I bought from was Columbia. When I think of the outdoors I think of them.  They were my first ever proper hiking boots, rain jacket and many years later I have several coats, jackets, and boots from them. Columbia has been around for nearly a century! They have really mastered the versatile from being able to wear gear in the extremest conditions during our wildest adventures to wearing it for my everyday.

Zappos has a huge range of Columbia products, be sure to check them out, investing in the proper gear is KEY to enjoying any adventure!

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