Top 20 Inspiring female influencers to follow in 2019

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Become inspired in 2019

Don’t have many mentors in your life? Like minded friends that just don’t understand you? Wanting to become inspired to start living your best life in 2019?! 

ME TOO… which is why I LOVE Instagram so much! It’s been a huge source of inspiration for me personally from starting my own blog, doing my first ever Half Ironman, staying fit, turning my passion into a business, discovering amazing places all over the world, finding like-minded people all over the world and so much more. 

I created a list of my top 20 inspiring Instagram women that have influenced me in some sort of way. You may be following a lot of them right now. I’ve been following most for many years. It’s amazing to see where they started and where their headed. I am a huge believer if they can do it then so can you! If you want to take charge of your life in 2019 then start following some of these inspiring women! 

Feamale Travel Inspiration


This bad ass free diving, adventurous, living passionately, creative, visual artist pushes the limits and proving anything is possible if you set your mind to it. I love watching her stories as her humble, sweet personality shines through. She travels the world with several other talented personalities as well. Chelsea inspires me on so many levels!




This girl has GONE PLACES… I mean really! 7-Continents 7-World Wonders 7-Wonders of Nature and a total of 90 Countriesto be exact! She is a stunning, fashionable, solo female traveler. Could be twin sisters with Margot Robbie. Am I right?!

blonde-female-sitting-back-of-land-rover-defender-looking-at map

The Blonde Abroad

I have been following KiKi well before she hit 100k followers. She is also one of the women who inspired me to start my own blog. It’s been amazing to watch her blossom into a super successful business woman. She runs a very profitable blog and now has over seven employees that help run it, runs collaborated all female escapes, inspires others to travel the world in style and not to be afraid to travel solo as a female with endless tips and tricks! KiKirecently bought her dream car (which is mine too) a Land Rover Defender! CONGRATS girl you’ve earned it! We can now be Defender buddies! I have a 1988 110 and she has a new version of the 90 that is not aloud in the US!




Jess’s feed is truly breathtaking. She is a very talented photographer. Just click on her feed and you will see for yourself! Though she travels the world, she explores a lot of the US which makes me happy! One, sharing with the world how beautiful our landscapes are and two you dont have to travel all over the world to see beauty when you have epic landscapes in our own backyard or just a road trip away!




Okay, so there is this ONE guy and he’s pretty HOT. Not only is he a genius Harvard student, entrepreneur, X-professional BMX rider, Real Estate investor, talented machinist, 1988 Land Rover Defender 110 owner, basically become an expert in anything he try’s kind of man, he’s been my best friend more than half my life and I get to call him my HUSBAND!

Yupp, sorry ladies he’s taken however, I will share with you his wisdom, inspiration and unique mindset on life! Give him a follow and say your awesome wife recommend you ;P!



Anna goes everywhere, with her husband, cat named Poofy and now a soon to be little boy! I am excited to see how they will manage traveling the way they do with a baby.  If you want the most honest, no hiding bull-sh**, give her a follow. She talks about the things we all want to know about, like the hard truths behind being a full-time travel influencer. Good, bad the the ugly. I also love how she explains about the places she explores rather than just a pretty quote. I have saved a lot of places I would like to go because of her.




Another incredibly talented female photographer. I want to visit every single landscape she’s ever shot and take some lessons from her one day! All these women inspire me to look at landscapes in new ways I have never thought before which encourages me to get out and become a better photographer with practice.



Wanderlust Brunette

Saving the best for last ;P,

This 4’11 adventuring, fitness, chocolate addict, fur mama, try anything once kinda gal is a dreamer, and a go getter! Her favorite quote is, “if you can dream it you can do it” and she does just that. She’s climbed to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro 19,341ft, completed half-ironman 70.3-miles, hiked rim to rim of the Grand Canyon, if she wants something she works hard till she achieves it. 

She’s taken a non-traditional route on life started investing in Real Estate eight years ago which helps fund her passion for travel. Currently runs a little brokerage having roots at home but still manages to travel the world. You often see her best friend of 15+ years who is now her husband of three years and her dog Watson adventuring in their 1988 Land Rover Defender 110. 

(lol, writing in third person is funny trying to describe yourself. If you’re not already following stop on by and say hello in my most recent post, I would love to hear from you!)


Pet Travel Inspiration



If you want a daily dose of awwww’s and a melting heart then you must follow Loki, if you’re not already. This photo here was the beginning of something grand. I have been following them for many years now and I just LOVE everything about them from all the visually beautiful adventures they go on to raising awareness for things they care about. 




Nothing more special than a girl and her dog. I love my Watson more than anything, so when I see her exploring daily with her pup, it inspires me to get out and do the same. They are based in Lake Tahoe Nevada which is also one of my favorite towns as well. Watson and I would LOVE to SUP these waters and meet Marley one day!




I discovered Rachel from Amberfillerup book recommendations (another reason why I love social media). The book is called: Girl Wash Your Face, stop believing lies about who you are so you can become who you were meant to be. I instantly downloaded it on Audible and listened to the whole thing in two days! Its full of painful honesty we all need to hear and fearless humor. She is the definition of Super Woman! This woman knows how to get shit done! She has four kids and runs many successful businesses all with a smile on her face! I have listened to nearly all her Rise and Rise Together (with her husband) podcast episodes, recently ordered her “Start Today” journal if you can’t tell I am a big fan and highly recommend following her along if your wanting to start creating a life you love!




Since I’ve been investing in Real Estate the past eight years and currently own a little brokerage, Joanna Gaines is a true inspiration from all things Real Estate, style and life goals. 

If you don’t know her from HGTV show, “Fixer Upper” with her awesome husband Chip Gaines, you best get to watching. These guys are true-life INSPIRATION. They have FIVE kids and run several successful businesses. Their gratitude, love, values, and way of life is so inspirational.

The quickest way to get to know them is listen to their books. I gained so much more appreciation for what/how they do things even if you could care less about home renovations I highly reccomend following their way of life.


Jenna Kutcher

This girl is a BOSS in the most humble, inspiring way. She runs a Forbes top-rated business podcast called “Goal Digger”. If you have yet to listen, I highly recommend if you want to take your business to the next level or just inspiration in general. She’s had body image issues for many years, shares how she overcome them and now inspires others to do the same.




I forget how I came across her account but I watched her grow from 12k as, “The Bold Brunette” to now branding her own name with over 250k followers under two years. She has her own “Instagram Bootcamp,” training others exactly how she did it all while she still travels the world. 


Fitness & Health Inspiration



My ultimate she crush for many years now. Katrina is not only beautiful she’s got brains too. She co-created Tone-It-Up, a fitness community with daily work outs, fitness app, recipes, products and events. They have the most tight-knit women community I have ever seen. I love following her because she is so genuine, humble, full of inspiration, self-care, honest, adorable sense of style, motivational, has a pup name Whinny and recently welcomed her first daughter to this world, Bella.




Emily is one of my favorite fit IG. I have been following her for many years. I feel like she was one of the first well known fitness female insragramers. She runs a 30+million-dollar company. You wouldn’t know that if you follow her. For instance, she is the most humble, inspiring woman that promotes fitness, health, self-love and that we are all HUMAN with many insecurities. She recently shared her journey through her first pregnancy watching her belly grow, having Mia her baby girl, to becoming strong again and everything else in-between. She leaves NOTHING out which is rare to see on this platform.




This girl is funny, straight up, adorable and shares a lot of useful tips about nutrition facts. She’s known for passive aggressively calling out fitness bs  #teamnobs 




Amanda is a nutrition guru, food facts, meal prepping machine! Since I am not a big reader myself I love how she teaches nutrition in a fun visual way from healthy swap outs to use these/skip these kinds of posts. I have learned a lot of tips from her and she has now reached over ONE million follows, congrats girl!

Family Travel Inspiration



I have been following Amber for many years now. She is a braid obsessed, fashion mama of two kids with a third on the way. I am not sure how she does it but she looks glamour’s on the daily. She shares tons of how to videos on many of her looks so you can do it too under 10 minutes.

Another stunning woman with brains. She owns “BareFootBlondeHair,” which sells beautiful extensions for the everyday girl. Watching her turn her passion into a successful business is so inspiring. If she can do it, we can do it too! I will admit when I first started following her I thought she was just lucky and pretty… but that’s far from the truth this girl works her butt off and it shows! There is a lot that goes beyond pretty photos.



Is the Story of @MoonMountainMan and @Rebornbyadventure becoming parents and raising their daughter while continuing an outdoor lifestyle with her. Not only are their photos visually beautiful, they are the first family I have ever come across that has exact guides on every finite detail how to hike with your baby/child. Not that its useful to me yet however, whenever we do plan to start a family I am so excited I came across them for guidance and inspiration. I love that they are encouraging families all over the world to get out and hike with your baby/child without fear.



My all-time favorite travel family. I want to be just like them when we have our own family! They sold everything and been traveling full time for three years with their now three children. They are so stinkin cute, humble, and inspiring. You wouldn’t know it but they are millionaires! They travel with one carryon each and that’s it! The experiences these kids have done are incredible and its awesome to watch them grow up into incredible brave little humans. They recently bought a home on the Big Island of Hawaii. I am excited to see how they transition travel and home life combine.

There ya have it! My top 20 Instagram influencers I follow up with on the daily. Each one influences me in some sort of way. They inspire me to continue investing in myself, learning and to never stop chasing after my passions. 

What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts to follow? I would love to hear from you! Comment below, Pin, share & subscribe to stay up to date on my latest adventures!




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