Top 14 Reasons Why I wanted to Climb Kilimanjaro & Why I Think You Should Too!

Top 14 Reasons why I wanted to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro so bad and why I think you should too!

People asked me why I wanted to hike Mt. Kilimanjaro so bad. My first gut answer was because it’s in Africa and in The Lion King, duh, lol! I’ve never done a high altitude hike before. I felt its the biggest summit we could climb without freezing the whole time and there is no special training involved. Researching Mt. Kilimanjaro made me even more sure why I wanted climb it! That’s also how it landed as  #1 on my Bucket List!

Check out these wild facts below! I promise if you want to achieve something big in life, this is it!
  •  Kilimanjaro is the FOURTH tallest mountain out of the seven summits reaching 19,431ft and its known as the easiest of all summits. Coming in close to #3 with Denali, reaching only 981 ft higher! 

  •  They say it’s like walking from the equator to the North Pole in a week.

  •  You experience FIVE different climates. Rainforest (6000-9,200’), Heath (9,200- 11,000’) sparser and drier than the forest, Moorland (11,000–13200’) unique vegetation mutated-giant trees, Alpine Desert (13,200-16,000’) cold, dry, and rocky similar to the moon, Artic (16,000-19,431’) frozen world of ice, glaciers and snow.

  • It’s a life changing experience! Standing on the roof of Africa, the tallest free standing mountain in the world is a BAD ASS FEELING!

  • Go in August and you get to wear light base layers and a fleece nearly every day enjoying 60-degree weather.  You have one Artic day and that’s summit night. It rained light maybe an hour and no snow over the course of seven days. Note this was our experience. Consult with Altezza when booking your trip for weather.

  • There is no special training involved. It’s recommended to be active, healthy but nearly anyone can do this climb. There was a man with no legs or arms that made it to the top! If he can do it, YOU CAN TOO!

  • Its affordable compared to the $1000’s of dollars of permits you need for other famous summits. Could you believe we had a crew of TWELVE just for us?!

  • You get to climb and experience high altitude like the pros in as little as 5-7 days.

  • You don’t need rope or special mountaineering gear. It’s all hiking.

  • It’s surprisingly not a very strenuous climb, I have done much more strenuous hikes.

  • Kilimanjaro is one of the world’s greatest natural wonders. It’s a snow covered mountain on the equator.

  • Its remote and very accessible. Altezza picked us up from the airport, drove 40 minutes to Aisha Machame Hotel, slept, then drove a three-hours to the starting gate the next day. I tried to carry one of the porters bags! They are HEAVY!!

  • People do it for personal achievements. Mine was to ring in my 29th birthday on the mountain and kick start my last year in my twenties. Also, checking off my #1 bucket list item! WHAT WILL YOURS BE?!

  • Ease of trip planning. Not only can you plan a vacation to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro you also can go on a world class safari trip (another dream of mine checked off the list ((click  here)) and hang beach side in Zanzibar ALL IN ONE! Altezza organizes and customizes the trip of your dreams. You just show up and enjoy! They do all the planning, booking, and driving work for you! Ron and I didn’t make it to Zanzibar but we met other couples doing all three. It looks amazing!
I want to share my whole climbing experience with you! CLICK HERE to see exactly what we did each day filled with tons of photos, ups and downs! I left nothing out! Our check out similar posts below!


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