The Ultimate Girls Getaway; Top 10 Things to See, stay, eat & Do on a budget

My girlfriend Kate turned 25! SO, we planned “The Ultimate All Girls Getaway Trip to Miami!” We spent five nights and four days exploring the BEST of Miami! With doing lots of research and exploring I came up with the top 10 things YOU CAN NOT MISS while in Miami. I broke down below exactly where we stayed, what we did and ate in no particular order.


1: Hang out at the beach in South Beach

The first three days we spent our afternoon at the beach soaking up the sun, swimming in chrystal clear blue water and hanging out on sand bars. Our goal was to not come home pale! I was blown away how beautiful this beach really was!

2: Hang Pool Side with unicorns

After hanging out in the sun all day we wanted to get a bite to eat and hangout by the pool! The Confidante Hotel was the perfect place! They had a live female dj,unicorns and beautiful pools in the shade! We had a blast mingling with strangers and laughing our butts off!  I had there veggie tacos. They were great! The drinks are not so cheap. We enjoyed a very strong $18 pina colada! Totally worth it, being able party here. There are several hotels with pools on the boardwalk, explore them all and pick one that fits your vibe!

3: Party till sunrise

Somehow I don’t have any photos of us going out this whole trip. Anyways, I was told people from Miami party hard and stay up till sunrise. If you know me I am not a late night party girl. Miami brought something out of me apparently because we stayed out till 6am the first night then at least 2am every other night! Our first night out was a Sunday. Apparently, there are not many clubs open on this particular day. We attempted to go to Liv Night Club. We arrived at 1:30am and it was a two hour wait with tons of people waiting outside. We all agreed we did not want to wait, though the pictures looked fun! Instead we opted to go to E11EVEN, a 24/7 adult night club till 6am! We all had the time of our lives! There is always something going on in Miami, CLICK HERE  for the best places to go each day of the week from, The Thrillist.


4:Walk the wynwood art District

If you have an Instagram you most likely have seen this colorful wall before, am I right?Since 2009, over 50 artists from all over the world have helped cover over 80,000 square feet of walls!  Tony Goldmans, idea was to bring Wynwood’s warehouse district more foot traffic by turning windowless warehouse walls into giant pieces of art! We had so much fun exploring we spent two days here!  CLICK HERE, to see The 45 Most Epic Wynwood District Photos + All the Details”

5:Explore the most magical place in Miami; The Vizcaya museum & gardens

Could you imagine what your summer home would look like if you employed 10% of Miami’s population to build it? It would be incredible right! James Derring, a retired Vice President of International Harvester did just that on a whopping 130 acres from 1914 to 1922. He named it, Vizcaya.

Today it stands as an internationally renowned accredited museum and National Historic Landmark. Its known for its rich history, architecture, gardens, and art and living collections. It also preserves one of the only remaining native forest in Miami!

Let me tell you, every inch of this place is thoroughly thought out from the shells in the cement, marble on the grounds, to the shingles on the roofs and everything in between! Everywhere you turn it’s “picture perfect.” CLICK HERE, to see how jaw dropping beautiful this place was plus all the details!

6: Explore little Havana

We went to Little Havana Monday evening. Most of the area was closed and quiet so be sure to go earlier in the day. We went to Ball & Chain for some tapas. It was a perfect light and yummy dinner. I wanted to eat ice cream from Azucar but it was CLOSED, if you go, be sure to tell me about it! I have read great reviews! Since we didn’t spend much time here,  CLICK HERE, to see what else to do in Little Havana.

7: Explore Miami Art Deco District

This is the Miami Art Deco District. You most likely have seen this area before in movies such as, Scarface and the show Dexter. While we were there they were filming the show, American Crime near The Versace Mansion. We watched them role play! The rest of the street is lined with mouth watering restaurants, extravagant drinks and shops! We had a lot of fun just walking the area.

8: Attend a drag queen show

Pardon my awful photos, I had to show you how great they looked and all I had were these! As we walked Ocean Drive Kate found, The Palace. We arrived just in time for a FREE show. We got a table right outside enjoyed a delicious dinner, some drinks and the best drag show we’ve ever seen! These Queens go all out and we could not stop laughing! They are free to watch but tips are greatly appreciated. I highly recommend attending one!! CLICK HERE, for more information.


We heard about this a few days into our trip and couldn’t believe it! There are several places in Miami that serve drinks to women everyday of the week for FREE! We started our night at Wood Tavern, we loved the vibe and felt at home here. We paid for our drinks but on Wednesdays ladies drink free from 8-midnight. Though, the drink prices here are not bad! From here we went to Blackbird Ordinary. They serve ladies free drinks from 10pm-1:30am on Tuesdays. We took advantage of the FREE well drinks. You would think they would be weak but they were far from it! I could barley sip mine!  So, yeah ladies you will never have to spend a dime on drinks while in Miami. Check out this article from Spoon University for the whole list!


It felt like we never stopped eating. Everywhere we ate was delicious. Not one place was a disappointment. Here are a couple of my favorite places we went.

My friend Robin recommended to eat breakfast at, Big Pink and she was SO RIGHT! You need to come and try this place. I wanted everything on there menu and I just adored the vibe.Lolo’s was only a couple minute walk from the sandy beach. We tried nearly every taco, probably the best guacamole I ever had, and amazing Spanish corn! I also had to have a fresh COLD coconut after laying out in the hot sun!

After walking around Wynwood in the hot sun we wanted some ice cream! We fell across Mr. Kream, the hippest ice cream shop around! It’s owned and operated by a couple well known DJ’s. Every flavor has a unique name like, Snoopstachio or Bone Thugz & Peanut Butter CLICK HERE for the whole list!

I got the Twix bread pudding with a scoop of Bone Thugz & Peanut Butter topped with caramel, brownie crumble and Butterfinger! It was incredibly delicious, nauseating, and worth every bite!
The Wynwood Station was connected to Mr. Kream so we had to try one of there creative hot dogs! CLICK HERE, to see all the mouth watering food they make! YOU HAVE to try both places! 

We ate at the Tasty Beach Cafe twice! This place was, AMAZING! I don’t think you could order anything bad off this menu. We ordered the Heisenberg Wrap, honestly the best breakfast wrap I have ever had! Even Kate, the meat eating queen loved the vegan sausage in it! I also tried the avocado wrap which was great but still nothing compared to the Heisenberg wrap! There side potatoes were amazing. We also tried the dragon fruit bowl. This was both our first time trying dragon fruit and we loved it! It was perfect to share, not too sweet and the color is just beautiful!Lastly, we at Cafe Croissant on the way to The Vizcaya Museum and Gardens mentioned in #5. This place is ran by two french twin brothers.  The food is great and loved the customer service.  (photo from there Facebook).

Where to stay

Staying in South Beach Miami can be very expensive. Thankfully, my friend Kate and I somehow always find the best deals! Since we booked our stay two weeks before we left every where we searched was at least $130-200+ a night in the area we wanted to stay. While we were on the Apartment Garden Suites South Beach popped up for 80$ a night! It was a mile walk from the beach and central to everything else we wanted to do. We couldn’t believe how cheap for how big this place was so we booked it right away! This place was adorable. It had two bedrooms, kitchen, one bath and a couch with a pull out bed. Since our friends were joining this made it for a very cheap stay! Rather then renting a car we used Uber to get around. We didn’t have to worry who the DD was, parking, or even think about directions, it was amazing! We used Uber 17 times for the total of $210.41!

That my friends is the Top 10 things to see, eat and do while in Miami! I think you will find this guide very useful when planning your trip to Miami! I work very hard to make travel planning as simple as possible for you so I would love to hear your feedback! Also, if you have other favorite places in Miami let me know since this definitely won’t be my last time visiting Miami!

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