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The Ultimate 3 day safari to 3 famous national parks

After spending 7 days climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, Ron and I got to relax on a three-day safari exploring three different National Parks plus a pit stop to a Masai Village!

This was a childhood dream come true! As I am sure, many of you can agree, The Lion King is the greatest movie of all time! Am I right?! Such an inspirational movie!

We thought a safari consist of lots of driving, seeing a few animals here and there since the parks are so big. WE WERE SO WRONG! Everywhere we turned we were surround by some sort of wildlife!

Our plan was to drive 6+ hours to the Serengeti on the 3rd night. We didn’t make it since I got sick. However, after exploring three days at three different National Parks we were 100% content with what we saw! We were fortunate to see The Big Five and so much more than we ever imagined!

These three National Parks are within a couple hours of each other. So, if you’re looking for a safari tour without long nights of driving look no further!
Below is a three-day guide to each National Park. Click on each link, I have broken down each day for you from what to expect and see on each day loaded with photos, tips and wild facts!

DAY 1 The Best of Tarangire NP in a Day, READ HEREimg

Day 2 A Day at Lake Manyara NP + a trip to a Massi Village, READ HEREimgMasai Village Tour, Read hereimgDAY 3 A day at the most Famous Tanzanian NP, Ngorongoro Crater, Read hereimg

Now that you've checked them all out, which day was your favorite!? I would love to hear from you! Comment below, Pin, share and subscribe to stay up to date on our latest adventures!


Three Day safari tour to three national parks

SAFARI COMAPNY: Altezza Climbing & Safari  (Researched over 29 companies and they were the best price guaranteed with the greatest staff, experience and gear) based out of Aisha Machame Hotel. Only 40 minutes from airport.

LOCATION: Tanzania, Africa

AIRPORT: Fly into Kilimanjaro International Airport



Aishi Machame Hotel -> drive -> Lake Burunge Tented Camp -> Tarangire NP -> Karatu Simba Lodge -> Lake Manyara NP -> Masai Village tour -> Karatu Simba Lodge -> Ngorongoro Crater NP -> Aishi Machame Hotel -> Kilimanjaro International Airport


These three national parks are now rated in the top 10 National Parks to visit while in Tanzania. Ngorongoro Crater ranks in at #2, Lake Manyara now ranks #3, and Tarangire National Park now ranks #4.

Be sure to check out the complete list HERE for more highlights, lowlights and facts about the top 10 national parks in Tanzania and how it’s equally as possible that you will have a much better time in one of the lesser-known parks!

BEST TIME TO GO: June – September, the dry season, for general wildlife viewing. Busy visitor season (July to March) low visitor season (April and May). Best weather (June-October). Rainfall is little to none. We went during August and weather was great!

WHAT TO WEAR: Mornings can be chilly wear warm jacket, light layers, hat, sunglasses, and sunblock. I wore a light jacket, dress, Teva sandals and was fine. Though, covering body is recommend for bugs or dust. Altezza supplies a great packing list.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Expect 4-6+ hours in the parks (up to you), each day was different. You can get dusty from driving with the windows down. Altezza supplies lunch box. Witness some of the most beautiful wild life you will ever see! The cruiser is also WIFI ready! Which means you can snapchat, send photos along the way!

NOTE: Altezza gave us a discount but as always, my thoughts and opinions are my own! Teva supplied us shoes for comfort and style! Though, I love and have supported their brand over eight years and nearly wear them everyday! I only promote brands I love!img


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