The Perfect Day Trip to Cape Cod from Boston Massachusetts

Day trip from boston to cape cod

Out of all the day trips we had during our three-week stay in Boston… exploring Cap Cod was my favorite day trip of them all!

Cape Cod is only two hours south of Boston Massachusetts. It has 559.6 miles of coastline! Think about that for a second! If you drove 70 MPH, the entire time it would take you 7 hours 59 minutes and 8 seconds to see the entire coastline!

Love sandy beaches? Cape Cod National Seashore has a 40-mile stretch of beach. For all those “I love long walks on the beach” type, this is your dream coastline!

Love lighthouses? Cape Cod has EIGHTEEN lighthouses you can explore all along Capes hook. You can make an entire day trip just focusing on visiting all eighteen!

Best time to visit

May, June, September, and October – fewer crowds, comfortable weather, and cheaper accommodation.

July – August –  Downsides are its peak tourist season which means larger crowds and expensive accommodation.  However, it’s the BEST beach weather with temperatures averaging in the high 70’s. This time of year also gets the least amount of rainfall. My favorite kind of weather! We visited on July 1st one of the busiest weeks of the year and was just fine, why… because we were just visiting for the day!


This is exactly how we spent our day trip from Boston to Cape Cod in order and highly recommend exploring the same spots! We experienced a little bit of everything!

  • Nauset Lighthouse
  • Three Sisters Lighthouse
  • Ride the Province Lands Bike Trail
  • Explore Provincetown by foot
  • Eat at The Canteen for lunch
  • Joe Coffee – Best mocha I ever had!
  • Hike to the desolate Wood End Lighthouse
  • Bayside-Betsy’s for dinner
  • Tour Pilgrim Tower
  • Watch the sunset at Race Point Beach
  • Make it back to Boston by midnight!

Nauset  + Three Sisters Lighthouse

Nauset lighthouse

Our first stop along the perfect day trip was to see Nauset Lighthouse in Eastham Massachusetts. It was a quick pit stop as we headed down the neck of Cape Cod. The three sisters lighthouses were about a five-minute walk from Nauset Lighthouse. They originally resided along the shoreline back in 1838 however over time the coastline errored which forced them to move not once but twice since the shoreline is constantly eroding. They now reside 1,800 ft from the ocean and is protected by the National Park System.

Three Sisters lighthouse Origional

Three Sisters lighthouse original location.


Nauset Beach is also a well-known beach for many beachgoers.

Nauset beach from above

Was it worth the pit stop… ehh… I am glad we stopped to say we did it. 😛

Ride the Province Lands Bike Trail

Bike map cape cod

Riding bikes is one of my favorite ways to explore new places. You get to go places cars are not able to go and see more than you could by foot plus its great exercise!

We brought our bikes but if you didn’t you can rent bikes here. We parked at the Province Lands Visitor Center in Provincetown. The route is 5.25 miles long. There are several trail extensions adding another two miles. We did the entire loop stopping along with all the highlighted areas to stop.

I had a smile the entire ride! The trails were SO much fun and scenic around every turn! This hilly loop made for a great workout but not too much to where it’s not enjoyable. We saw elderly 60+ and families with kids on the trails. Some hills you may want to walk but I think YOU can do it, just take your time it’s worth it! My favorite part is climbing up the sand dunes for panoramic views of the dune system and Province Lands area. See here for the map.


P Town home gay Pride

We were hungry for lunch so I used Yelp to find us a good lunch spot. It brought us to the main Providence downtown area, we had no idea it existed but were so glad it did! It reminded me of a mini Key West. It’s a quaint strip along Cape Cod’s shoreline filled with unique boutique storefronts from several different shops, artists, restaurants and more.

Not to be alarmed or that we care… in fact, I love that they have a place to be 100% themselves but come to find out… Providence Town is the #1 vacation destination for the LGBTQ community! As we were walking around I began to notice a ton of extremely in shape, clean-cut and dressed nice men everywhere (this is a rare site from were I am from). We also visited during Pride Month so the streets were filled with beautiful rainbows everywhere. As I said, it does not bother me one bit, in fact, I was bummed we didn’t stay for an evening night out!

As for lunch we went to one of the best lunch spots in Provincetown, called The Canteen. It’s a 300-year-old building! Don’t let the line out the door fool you, it moves quick! You walk into their small storefront, place your order, they give you a number and head in the back where there is lots of seating just stone’s throw to the beach. Most of the area was shaded which was nice. They also had a cute outdoor bar.  It was extremely packed when we went but we still got our food quick!

The Canteen PTown

I, of course, had to try a lobster roll for the first time ever, they claim it’s the BEST in all of Provincetown. I can’t be the judge since it was my first time, but I can tell you it was delicious and I could have eaten two more! Lobster rolls are a HUGE staple here all along the east coast! Ron got their clam chowder soup… the only man alive that loves hot soup after riding several miles on a 90-degree day, lol!

The Canteen Lobster roll

I wanted something sweet, cold with caffeine since I was dying out!  We stopped into Joe Coffee and got an iced mocha. It totally hit the spot, as you can see I drank half of it before we made it back to the STREET!

Joe Coffee Ptown Cape Cod

I am not kidding it was the best mocha I ever had, sorry Starbucks.

Hike to Wood End Lighthouse

Wood end light house Cape Cod

We saw a lighthouse when we drove into Provincetown so we decided to ride our bikes back that way. We locked our bikes along the fence line and walked along this 1.1-mile-long jetty, made it to the beach and while everyone else turned left we veered right and walked along the coastline until we made it to Wood End Light!

I recommend bringing water and sunblock since there is no shade. It was much further than we thought! We brought neither of those! However, once we got there we had it all to ourselves and was a blast!

Wood end lighthouse girl laughing

This is the view heading back. Can you spot the tiny lighthouse in the distance?

Wood end light jetty walk gopro

Earlier in the morning, this whole area was underwater. People were kayaking! The tides are so drastic here on the East Coast! It’s so fascinating!

Bayside-Betsy’s for dinner

Baysie Betsys Ptown Belcony

We were starving! Headed back to P-Town on our bikes to eat dinner before sunset. I loved sitting on the second story balcony with water views. My favorite kind of restaurant! I got the salmon burger and he got a burger! The food was delicious and highly recommend coming here for good food, views, and vibes.


Pilgrum tower cape Cod

We were curious what this massive 252-foot granite monument was so we rode our bikes up to it. Come to find out, it’s “The Pilgrim Monument.”  Its purpose is to commemorate the Mayflower Pilgrims’ first landing in the New World in Provincetown, in November 1620. The Pilgrims spent 5 weeks exploring the tip of Cape Cod, before they sailed on to Plymouth. They also drew up and signed the Mayflower Compact, which established the rule of law for the new land.

We didn’t take the tour, but if you were you can find more information here!


Race point beach sunset girl

I originally wanted to go to Race Point Lighthouse for sunset but we didn’t have enough time to hike to it before the sun went down. It’s a 45-minute walk through the sand from the parking lot to get there.

We walked down to Race Point beach and watched the sun cast incredible colors throughout the sky! There were adorable seals swimming along the shore which made for an awwwww-mazing evening to our perfect day trip exploring Cape Cod! We made it back to Boston just before midnight to sleep in the Harbor on our boat!

That my friends end the perfect day trip from Boston Massachusetts to the tip of Cape Cod!

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To make it easy for you just CLICK each one for directions! 

DONT WANT TO DRIVE: Take a ferry from Boston to Cape Cod, here!



Day trip from boston to cape cod

perfect day trip from Boston to cape cod


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