The Only Way to Experience Anegada in a Day!

After a nice morning run at the Bitter End we sailed 3-hours to Anegada.  We docked at Potters by the Sea and put in our dinner order (recommended). They are famous for their lobster dinner. Though I ordered the grouper.The guys went to get the rental car. When they came back I burst out laughing. It was more than perfect! Sitting in the back of a rickety old truck with bent axels and homemade seats welded to the bed of the truck enhanced our experience to the max!  It cost us a whopping $85 and $7 in gas for the day.This day was all about bar hopping! Our first stop was a 20 minute ride to The Big Bamboo in Loblolly Bay. Surprisingly the road was well paved!The bar was right on the beach. The water was so pretty I had to go snorkeling (bring your own set). There is a lot of reef to explore though I didn’t go very far.

Thanks to our chef Annika, I now have a new favorite drink. Its simple, tropical and refreshing with the perfect amount of sweetness. All you need is coconut rum, soda water and lime!

After about an hour we headed to, Anegada Beach Club. We went a little off road for a short cut.This place has a pool, two bars, Truth and Dare Jenga and apparently GLAMPING! I was wondering what the tents were for. They look amazing to stay in. The beach was filled with kite-boarders. It is quite entertaining to watch!

We hung out at the beach bar the whole time and didn’t make it to play Jenga, so be sure to go and play for me!

Our last stop before we headed back for dinner was, ‘The Cow Wreck Beach Bar.” This was also my favorite stop of all! First we competitively played, “The Ring” game. It consist of a hook on a wall and tiny ring hanging by a string. The goal of the game is to swing the hoop and make it around the ring. It looks nearly impossible to get. After about 50 throws I got one! My friend Josh got it first try so, its possible! I didn’t get a photo so you’ll just have to come and play!I had my first ever shot ski! I guess it’s the thing to do in the BVI!

After that Annika ordered us all the famous “Cow Killer” drink. The title says it all! Is it tasty? NO. Does it taste like gasoline? YES. Did we all drink it anyway? YES!

We then played the best HORSE game of all time! We had shots from afar…Slam dunks!Run and jumps … FYI I didn’t even make that, lol! Spinning moves!Squat and burpee moves!Last but not least, the ultimate throw of all time! Climbing the palm tree and making it first go!After losing that game hard core we headed back just before sunset and dinner.My first time ever swinging under a palm tree, can you tell I was excited!?

After sunset the restaurant filled and we had a delicious dinner with music. They blasted the YMCA song and all us ladies felt the need to stand on our chairs and join in. I may or may not have used lobster shells as a prop, lol. For the rest of the night we danced our hearts out and played limbo!

Stay tuned in the next couple days for our full 10 day itinerary sailing the BVI



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    1. It was a lot of fun especially since we had no idea where we were going or what to expect!

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