The Best of Tarangire National Park In a Day + Full Guide

Day 1 of 3 Safari Excursion

TARangire National Park

Our first night we stayed at Lake Burunge Tented Camp. This place was BEAUTIFUL! We arrived just in time for dinner. It was buffet style on a candle lit balcony sitting amongst the stars. I wasn’t feeling well so Ron enjoyed it alone :(. We were getting ready for bed and heard some movement outside. Sounded like horses chomping on grass. I shined a flash light and there were ZEBRA right outside our room! How freaking cool right?! Totally made my night! It was a perfect start to our three day safari excursion of my dreams!

Since I didn’t take photos of our room (weird right) I wanted to share how amazing this place was. Here are some photos from their site.img

imgWe had a slow moving morning since we just finish climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro the night before!

Now for the safari fun! We arrived at the park around 9:30am. They recommend earlier but we were being slow bums, lol.

Ron and I thought a safari consist of tons of driving in search for animals here and there since the parks are so large. We were SO WRONG! We were constantly coming across new species and wildlife. In fact, we saw FOUR of the Big Five here at this park!

The Big Five consist of elephant, cheetah, lion, buffalo and rhino!



Below is just a taste of all the animals we saw in the park! I saved the best ones for last plus all the facts and everything you need to know at the bottom!

There were so many unique bird species. This park is known for having the most breeding species of birds found in the park than anywhere else on the PLANET!img

imgThis one reminds me of a dinosaur for some reason!imgThere were so many colorful birds! imgWhy go to Madagascar when you can see the famous Baobab trees here in the NP!? I still want to go there but WOW, these trees are amazing! They can grow up to 100ft around! I didn’t know they were here so I got all gitty when I saw them!img

imgCheck out this massive unique cactus looking tree!img



imgThe zebra got each others backs, literally! They keep the bugs off each others back.img

imgTarangire NP is famous for astonishing number of elephants! Its believed to have the largest elephant concentration in the world! They typically tend to stay close to their water source, the Tarangire River. imgLook how cute this baby was!img

imgWe saw Pumba running around but no Timon, haha!imgOur guide said its more rare to find lions here especially during the hot part of the day. We got EXTREMELY lucky! We saw two moms and babies down by the river! I could watch them stumble on their big ol’ feet all day!img

imgThere were tons of buffalo and zebra near the lions. It’s interesting how they mind their own business.img


imgWe got to get out of the car for lunch and have a picnic! We watched a herd of elephants head down to the river!

imgAfter lunch we saw even more elephants down by the river. We watched this baby walk across the river! Our guide said it couldn’t of been more then a couple weeks old.img



imgThere were monkeys everywhere!imgYou can rent cars on your own and explore the NP but I can’t recommend hiring Altezza enough! Our guide had an eye for finding the best spots and hidden animals! We would of never saw this lepoard in the tree if it wasn’t for him! Plus, you get to sit back, not think about a thing and enjoy the ride!img

imgThey were not kidding when they said this park is known for elephants!img



imgRight before we exited the park we came across all these fellas! It was like a scene out of The Lion King!img

imgWe couldn't get over how much wildlife we saw over the coarse of maybe four hours! What is your favorite animal? I would love to hear from you! Comment below, Pin, share and subscribe to stay up to date on our latest adventures!



COMPANY: Altezza Climbing & Safari


  • 1,100 sq mile park located in Tanzania Africa.
  • The 6th largest Tanzanian National Park
  • There are more breeding species of birds found here than anywhere else on the planet!
  • Baobab trees are common. Can reach more than 100ft in circumference.
  • Known to have the largest elephant concentration in the world!
  • It’s less crowded than most other National Parks in Tanzania.
  • 10 times larger than Lake Manyara NP.
  • Tarangire National Park now ranks #4 out of 10 top National Parks to visit while in Tanzania.  Be sure to check out the complete list HERE for more highlights, lowlights and facts about the top 10 national parks in Tanzania and how it’s equally as possible that you will have a much better time in one of the lesser-known parks!

LOCATION: Tanzania Africa near city of Arusha. Click here for directions.

BEST TIME TO GO: June – October, the dry season, forcing migrating to the river. We went during August. Though, you can visit anytime of the year.

WHAT TO WEAR: Morning can be chilly wear warm jacket, light layers, hat, sunglasses, and sunblock. I wore a light jacket, shorts, tank, sandals and was fine. Though, covering body is recommend for bugs or dust.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Spending 2-6 hours in the park (up to you), we spent four hours. Can get dusty from driving with the windows down. Witness some of the most beautiful wild life you will ever see!

NOTE: We did recieve a discount with Altezza Safari & Climb however, as always all opinions are my own.





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