Our first Spring weekend getaway of the year in our 1988 Defender

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Spring has finally sprung here in Michigan! It’s been abnormally cold this Spring, but this past weekend it FINALLY broke into some warm weather and I could not wait to get out of town and #strapintospring in my new Teva sandals!


imgI’ve teamed up with Zappos to share the love and #strapintospring with new Teva sandals! If you have been following me for a while, then you know I only wear Tevas for my outdoor adventures. I have hiked hundreds of miles in various Tevas over the past eight years and I cannot wait to break in my new Terra-Float 2 and Hurricane XLT2 sandals.

We took the Defender on its first road trip of the year to Grand Haven, one of our favorite little towns in MI.

We enjoyed some city walks down main street. The little shops are adorable! I just love the vibes. Especially because it’s a VERY dog friendly town.


These new Teva Float 2 sandals by Zappos are SO comfortable! Feels like I am walking on clouds. I love that you can wear them with anything from casual jeans to hiking adventures. These are going to be great for the boat too!

Just hanging with the best views of Downtown getting some fresh air and sunshine!


I love looking at all the old buildings.imgThe hill in the far distance between my feet displays a light water show every night during the summer. It’s awesome to watch and a great excuse to gather friends and family!imgWe love walking along the channel to the end of the lighthouse. The weather was perfect to rock my Teva sandals. imgWatson loves hopping on the boulders.imgAfter two years under construction, they finally opened the pier to pedestrians. img


imgWe were wondering what the barge was doing in the distance. Someone told us they were drudging up sand and making the beach bigger. Exciting stuff!imgHandstands for Tevas!img

imgThe water was shallow.img

imgWe could not have asked for a more perfect day!
img#strapintospringimgAfter enjoying our mid day walk along the pier, we headed for a muddy trail hike to break in my new heavy duty Hurricane XLT2 sandals. However, our newly remolded 1988 Defender had different plans for us! Being that it is as old as I (THIRTY this year :O) this thing is bound for some issues. It decided to not go over 30mph. Ron said it was a clutch problem.

We were 196 miles from home, so we thought it would be best to start heading home since we could only go 30mph! I was BUMMED at first and then it turned out to be a blast and a trip I will remember for a lifetime!

We took rural roads the entire way home. It was beautiful! We drove along rolling hills, farm land with tons of animals, old towns, and country roads.imgPerfect weather for windows down and feet out!

It was hilarious to see people’s reactions since this Defender is right side drive, and my feet were hanging out the ‘driver side’ window! 

imgIt was time to get comfortable!imgThis three and half hour drive turned into nine hours to get home! We ended up having a blast taking the road less traveled, rocking out to some good music and enjoying this warm spring weather.

These unplanned unexpected trips always turn out the most memorable.imgEven though I didn’t get to break in these Teva Sandlas just yet, I am so pumped its finally time to #strapintospring!




CLICK TO SHOP:  Terra-Float 2 Sandlas.

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I have teamed up with Zappos and Teva to launch the new #strapintospring campaign. As always, all my opinions and experiences are my own. I only share products that fit true to myself, brand and audience. As you know I LOVE Teva since I have explored/hiked hundreds of miles over the past eight years wearing various Tevas.





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