Summer style guide 3

Snorkle 3 Norman Island Caves+Party HARD on Willy T’s Pirate Ship

Day 7

Woke up in the cove of Yost Van Dyke where the famous Foxys bar is, we had a light breakfast and headed to the three Norman Island Caves for some snorkeling! We went early since its known to get very crowded. Our captain knows what’s up because it was just us and a couple other people! We were able to get a mooring ball and jump right in. There are only a couple so be sure to go early.

There were tons of fish around out boat!
img img


imgWe entered into the first cave! It was a bit spooky but your eyes adjusted quickly. The colors of the walls were very cool, purple and gold tones. imgThere was a massive school of fish just sitting in the cave being rocked back and fourth with the current. It was very cool to swim amongst them!imgDon’t be afraid to enter the caves, they don’t go very deep nor did it seem like there was anything harmful that could hurt you. However, that is my opinion. The water conditions are always different so ask your captain or use your best judgement. I saw some people using a noodle to hold onto.

I found a tighter cove you could swim up to but it don’t go through to anywhere. It was still fun to swim around in though!imgComing out of one of the caves we came across a school of these guys! imgThough it was not the most colorful, I saw some of the biggest live reef I have ever seen!img


imgDon’t forget to look up too the walls are beautiful too! imgI followed this guy around for a while!img


imgWere entering another cave like…img

imgThis lil guy was awesome, I don’t think he liked me this close, his fin was up. He wouldn’t leave this area. I have never seen this sort of fish before. Do you know what kind it is?imgWe played, who could dive down the furthest, Ron beat me!
imgI loved diving down close against the walls feeling like a mermaid.img



We snorkeled for about two hours. That aloud us to swim to all three caves and explore all around.imgWe got out and enjoyed a delicious lunch made fresh from our chef! It was great timing for us because a large boat arrived with tons of people.

TIP: arrive before lunch time to avoid the crowds!

We made our way to Willy-T bar, its a floating ship and its main goal is to get you drunk, jump off the top and have the time of your life with strangers!

imgWe anchored and relaxed for a while since it was still early. I had a good workout on the paddle board since it was a bit windy!imgMy girlfriend Erica and I invented a new drink and you HAVE TO TRY it! The Caribbean has a soda called, “Ting.” It’s similar to Squirt from the US. Since it was very sweet we mixed part Ting with soda water then added our vodka with a splash of grenadine! We call it, SAMICKA TING, pronounced as, Sam-ik-uh-ting! Get it Sam + Erica :P! Were nerds, you can say it! They were so refreshing and beachy without all the extra sugar!

We headed over around 4pm. We were jumping shortly after we got there, lol!imgBe warned! People tend to jump naked, topless and are not afraid to pull strings when you jump! 
imgOur chef was calling for dinner! Actually, to be honest… we just had to pee, lol! They do have a bathroom on the ship if your wondering though. We did leave to eat dinner on our catamaran though. However, Willy T’s does serve food that sounded delicious like a salmon burger and frys!

Make sure when you leave you step on the steps! I fell between the deck and the ship. I wasn’t even drunk yet! They say people fall between it all the time and have even broken their ribs, so be careful! I had a huge bruise on my hips for weeks!

We came back on our dinghy after eating and partied our butts off till who knows what time! This ship was packed to the brim! We mingled with so many people from all over the world, danced our hearts out, did shot skis (probably too many of them) and just had the time of our lives!

To get the full BVI experience you HAVE to party at least one night here in the BVI! I promise that you will make some wild memories you’ll cherish for a lifetime! Lets just say none of us felt great the next day on Cooper Island… at all!

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