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Sandy Spit & The Hidden Little Jost Van Dyke In a Day


We all slept in late thanks to the epic night before on Anegada. We had a later breakfast which made for a perfect slow moving morning. We anchored at Sandy Cay, waited for the 15-minute storm to pass by, jumped in and snorkeled to the tiny island.imgThe snorkeling is decent especially on the other side of this island. It was really windy and choppy so it wasn’t as clear but there was still a lot of life. imgLook how cute and tiny this island is. img

imgBe sure to look closely at the sand, it has a TON of pink in it!imgIt started to rain so we headed back in.imgWe then cruised on over to a spot not many go which is strange because we all could agree it was one of our most favorite spots! Its called, Little Jost Van Dyke.img


imgWe anchored and the boys actually made it to shore without spilling their drinks on the SUP board.img

imgIt was just us tucked away in this tiny cove drinking at the little B-Line bar. We played some great games of bag-o! My friend Josh and I killed it no big deal.img

imgMe being the girl I am, went exploring the coast a bit before sunset and came across some cool sites!img

imgThe Sailing Swan looking good in the distance.imgJust creeping on the whole gang.img

imgThe coastal tip was beautiful. There were so many colors in the stone.img


imgI was amused by the reef as the waves would wash over and show it self. img

imgAll the way to the left there was a hallowed out rock. It was relaxing to sit and watch the water flow in and out of. imgAfter the sun went down we all played many games of Euchre, a popular Michigan based card game. Surprisingly, our captain Adam, who is from England already knew how to play and was quite decent! Though, we can’t give him too much credit since he had some other Michigan folk on his boat a few weeks prior that taught him how to play.imgIf your exploring the BVI be sure to stop by this little cove! You won’t regret it!



Sailed from Anegada -> Sandy Spit Island (snorkeled, explored) 2 hours -> Sailed-> Little Jost Van Dyke Cove (B-Line Bar, Bag-O, exploring) docked for the night.

B-Line bar open till 5:30pm


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