Best spot for off-roading, mudding & dunning in Kauai + what not to do & full day itinerary

off roading in kauai

Day 2

Off roading, mudding, & dunning

After our morning with Sky Dive Kauai we headed to  Kauai Coffee  to taste test their 32 flavors for FREE right down the street. Not that our adrenaline was already pumping enough :p!

imgWe then had lunch at Paco’s Tacos. The boys got some fancy frys and nachos. We got our typical fish tacos. It was all outstanding!img



AND…  got some Nene ice cream. I mean it was right next door, couldn’t pass it up! The Nene is their state bird so it’s a one of kind! It was SO good guys… now I am craving some!img

Now that we were all stuffed… it was time for some extreme off-roading in the mud and dunes in Polihale State Park!

TIP: you HAVE to rent a Jeep to get the full experience of Kauai! Don't do the Mustang. The jeep allows you to explore more places less traveled.


This was the funniest, bumpiest, muddiest, sandiest ride of my life! The park had a good rain fall a few days before so there were tons of mudding spots. Our goal was to hit every single one. As for everyone else that drove by… they were slowing down and going around all of it… dont be that boring!

We found the perfect mud hole at the enterence of the park. img

imgMudding was a first for me and now I can’t get enough… as long as it’s not my car :P!imgRon was awkwardly helping Josh out of the tree. Let’s just say it didn’t smell good! imgFriend photo before we hit the dunes!img

img""We let the boy’s go dunning on their own and headed to the beach since I am a nervous wreck when we go up steep hills and sideways! Oh the silly things we choose to fear…

imgAfter a while they wanted to join us on the beach so they found a spot to get down BUT…


They made it down the dune just fine and headed straight for the beach thinking the sand would be tougher by the shoreline… they were SO WRONG! They got stuck!


With no cell service they were trying to dig, push and hull ass with no success for a while. Then this wonderful  man walked up and said, “why dont you just let some air out of the tires”…

imgIt frickin worked! He was a gift! We thought we would have had to sleep on the beach, walk miles or lose the Jeep to high tide for sure!  After this expereince I watched tons of videos of people losing their jeeps/tucks to the ocean! SO DONT DO WHAT WE DID!


It was time for some air in the tires! Ron had to buy a .25$ sucker to get $10 worth of quarters, lol.img

We literally had the muddiest car in all of Kauai! I was convinced and I couldn’t stop laughing over how covered in mud it was!img

Since we still had some day light and were nearly two hours away from our condo we wen’t up to Waimea Canyon lookout to end our day!img

To see more about Waimea Canyon take a look here!

Now can you see why you MUST rent a Jeep in Kauai? The funniest part was the rental lady mapped out off-roading trails for us, so it is permited at your own risk of course!

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Off Roading Mudding & Sand Dunning

WHERE: Polihale State Park

DIRECTIONS: Polihale State Park, Hwy 50, Waimea, HI 96796img

WHAT TO EXPECT: Off roading at your own risk. Park is FREE to explore. Extremely bummpy with massive pot holes, dirt roads, muddy after rainfall, roads can flood. Sand dunes with many trails. Do not drive on beach, sand is extremely soft. We got stuck. If you do go on beach take A LOT OF AIR OUT OF YOUR TIRES.


Sky Dive Kauai, Kauai coffee taste testing 32 flavors FREE, lunch at Pacos Tacos, Ice cream at Lappererts Hawaii, Off Roading, mudding and dunning at Polihale State park, explore Waimea Canyon lookout












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