My Experience Walking in the Wild with Wolves


If you had the chance to walk with wolves in the wild would you?!

No cages or chains, just you walking alongside wolves in the wilderness, their natural habitat.

YOU BET YOUR BOTTOM, once I heard I would have that opportunity to do just that during my 6-day Canadian Rockies Photography Workshop with sought after Sony Ambassador Rachel Ross,  I couldn’t wait for the day to come!

Wolves are one of my favorite animals and when I got the chance to walk alongside them in this winter wonderland… my heart burst with love, wonder, and just awe.


They promote wolf conservation throughout the natural environment. They strive to provide a one-of-a-kind experience to the public as they support conservation through education.

It all started with Casey and Shelly Black. She was part of a team that trained animals for big Hollywood Movies in the late 90s. They decided to adopt Aspen – a female wolf dog. The initial idea was to have her a spoiled movie star and ambassador for educating people about wolves. That dream faded and Northern Lights Wolf was formed and Aspen became the star ambassador.

Since 2002 they have been running this privately owned facility educating the public to advocate awareness about the importance of wolves in our environment.

Today they have a whole pack of wolves, all of whom were born in captivity.


Not having a clue what to expect, I can now say this was most of the most unique, one of a kind, magical experiences I have ever been a part of.  I took 75-gigs of photos!! Every move they made was beautiful… I couldn’t help but hold my shutter button down and capture it!

We arrived around 10 am, Shelly (the wolf mom) explained the process of what would happen, signed a waiver, watched them load up two wolves from their 1.25-acre enclosure and headed five minutes down the road into the wilderness to let them walk free.

Meet Flora, the oldest of the bunch at six years of age. Shes 100% grey wolf and such a doll, always posing.

Meet Murphy, he’s two years old, his eyes are piercing beautiful! He likes to keep his distance which makes him even more majestic.

The most beautiful part of this experience was that they led the way. No rushing, just watching and following in the distance wherever their noses or desires took them. If they came close we would just stand and watch them in their own environment.

two wolves in wild walking in snow

They led us alongside the river as we watched them explore and drink.


Every so often they would roam in the woods and peak their heads out.

Wolf in the woods in winter

It was a treat when Murphy and Flora would come close. I was only using a 24-70mm lens on my Sony A7III, which meant I did not have much range. I highly recommend a 70-200mm during this experience.

wolf profile in the wild

grey wolf side profile in winterNo matter how close or far, they acted as if we weren’t even there.

Loved watching them walk through the deep snow.

When you taste something and then realize how good it is, haha. That’s how I feel with ice cream!

grey wolf liking snow canada

two wild wolves run in the wild during winter

grey wolf howling in the wild The most exciting part of the whole experience was the KISS! You heard that right! I got a kiss from Flora! Well more like a giant bear hug with long kisses all over my cheeks and head!

Look how stinking adorable Flora is! That smile melts my heart! Murphy could care less, lol!

girl kissed by wolf in wild

Group photo with all the workshop ladies and Rachel. Can you tell Flora loves her!?

female group photo with wolf in wild

After seeing my experience would you consider walking with wolves now?! I would love to hear from you! Comment below, Pin for later, share and subscribe to stay up to date on my latest adventures, tips, and giveaways!


WHERE| Northern Lights Wolf Centre

MISSION| They promote wolf conservation throughout the natural environment. They strive to provide a one-of-a-kind experience to the public as they support conservation through education.

DIRECTIONS| 1745 Short Road Golden, BC Canada, V0A 1H1

HOURS| Open year around

PHOTOGRAPHY TOUR| Take a 1-hour walk in the beautiful Canadian Rockies wilderness with two wolves and photograph them as they roam in their natural habitat. Price starts at $300 and requires a reservation, see more details here.

ADMISSION| No Reservation Required. All tours include a 25-minute interpretive program suited for all ages and groups. Price ranges from FREE – $35.

OTHER TOURS | They are all about educating the importance of wolves and our environment. They offer field trips, in the classroom, family interpretations and so much more.


girl hiking with wolves in wild





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