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Make your own coffee from scratch + Waterfall hike!

Ever wanted to know how coffee was made? We did! Not only did we see how it’s made, we got to make some ourselves, from the very first step to sipping our own custom brew!

Ron is a coffee fanatic! We were both excited for this authentic tour. It was our last day before going home and had some spare time. Altezza set us up with a driver and a lunch box for the day. It was about an hour drive from Aishi Machame Hotel to the village. When we arrived we got greeted by our tour guide who was acutally born, raised and currently still living in the village. We paid $10USD. This goes directly to the village and the people. The coffee farm survives solely off tourism. They do not sell their beans to other companies.

We went for a short walk and then began to create our own coffee to drink from scratch!

The first step in coffee making is picking the berries. We each picked ten red coffee berries. img

imgBreak one open and taste the bean. It is very sweet! We then grinded the berries to take the shell off.  The good ones float and the bad ones sink.
imgTypically you lay them out to dry for two weeks. He already had some dried out for us.img

imgOnce the bean is dried out, another layer around the bean flakes off. We picked each one up, rolled them between our fingers which takes the extra layer off. img He flung them in the air and blew out the shells getting rid of all the excess shells without tossing the beans. It was impressive!imgNext step was crushing the beans!imgCrushing them was the best part! They sang a catchy song and danced! Video coming soon! I couldn’t stop laughing!imgNow the beans are ready to be roasted!imgYou constantly stir over the fire until they turn dark! It took a little over a minute. The aroma was fantastic! imgAfter they blackened, we crushed them into a powder.imgHe then strained the grounds. We made a dark and medium roast.
imgThe dark roast was strained first. We put the access amount in the bowl and grinded it even more. This is how you get a lighter roast. The lighter roast has more caffeine than the dark! I would have never guessed that!
imgThey boiled water, put a few table spoons of the grounds in the water and let it boil for a couple minutes.imgPicked it up with banana leafs.imgStrained it one last time!imgThat my friends is how you make some authentic coffee! Cool right!?imgCHEERS!imgThis coffee was SO good! Ron and I both love strong coffee and it was full of flavor! We bought two one pound coffee bags to bring home. Each were $15USD. It was WIN WIN for both of us! I also bought a piece of local art for $10 made by one of the guides for my office at home! We were not pressured to buy anything which was nice.

Now, a thirty minute walk to the waterfall that brings two separate villages together! Our guide was saying just across the stream they speak a different language as them. Wild right!? We walked along a few homes on the way.imgLoved the lush green jungle.
imgSee that large tree in the distance? It’s an avocado tree! We had NO IDEA they get that big! No wonder why avocados cost 30-70 US cents here! Back home right now, one avocado cost $2! Ron and I are huge avocado lovers!imgIf consumed these beautiful flowers will make you sick and hallucinate they say.
imgOur guide had such a good eye! We were walking and he saw this little guy chilling on the stem. No way would we have saw him. He is as long as my finger! Ron or I have never seen a callmelion in person.img

imgThis snail was massive! He was crossing the trail, so watch your step! He was about as big as my hand!imgThe cliche couple pose by a waterfall. 😛 imgI of coarse HAD to stand on the rock and give you a perspective on how EPIC this waterfall really was!

They say you can swim under the waterfall. I personally wouldn’t because you never know when a tiny rock can fall over the edge. img

imgThe walk back was beautiful!imgJust waiting for their local bar to open! Every building around has this stained orange rim around the bottom. It’s from a mix of rain, mud and dust. I kinda love it!img


This is how they sell meat… in the hot hot heat! img


Coffee & waterfall tour

COMPANY: Altezza Safari & Climb

WHERE: Materuni Waterfalls

COST: 10$USD for tour guide (driver and lunch was included in our full safari, climb package ask tour guide for pricing)

WHAT TO EXPECT: Tour lasts about two hours depends how long you stay at the waterfalls. It was about an hour drive from Aishi Machame Hotel to the village. It was a very authentic local experience! Learn and do all the steps in coffee making process.









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  1. Hope you had fresh coffee and it looks like amazing place to visit. Keep exploring more places like this and entertain readers…. Cheers

    1. TheWanderlustBrunette

      Thanks! It really could not get any more fresh than this! Thanks for stopping by!

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