That outdoor workout lifestyle #timetofly

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Now that I have completed my Half Ironman, I can get back to my favorite kind of training! Not that I don’t love swim, bike, running I am excited to change it up! I absolutely love working out outside from high intensity cardio, yoga, lifting, cross training and so much more! My new HOKA ONE ONE shoes from Zappos are becoming one of my favorite shoes.

I am a picky girl when it comes to workout shoes. I typically need a different pair of shoes for each type of workout however the HOKA ONE ONE Elevon are perfect for everything so far!

You will rarely see me in a gym during the Summer months here in Michigan. I choose to do everything outdoors!

You do not need to step foot in a gym to get a good workout! Here is a workout I did at the High School near my home.There are endless amount of moves you can do on some bleachers!Sprint to the top, then high knees to the bottom.Jump power squats all the way down and up. This move takes some balance skills, working the core and booty.

Who does’nt love some karaoke’s!Okay, not going to lie, this workout is TOUGH! I haven’t worked my body this way in months. I was strictly swim, bike, running for my Half Ironman. I sure love the burn though! Does anyone else laugh when the’re in pain, lol?!

Hop down side ways with high knees. This one feels awkward, but burns the abdomen and legs!Jump and kick your feet forward and back before they touch the ground, as if you’re running in midair!My HOKA ONE ONE Elevon from Zappos are so comfortable. It’s like walking on clouds.

Love the fun bold design!Now for some track and turf moves!

Bend down, touch the ground and take off sprinting giving everything you got for ten seconds ten times. I LOVE the energy in this move.

Star squat jumps are one of my favorites! How high can you go?!

Speed skaters work the entire body!That was one heck of a workout, #itstimetofly!


Nature is my gym. If you don’t have a set of bleachers to workout on, go to your local park. You can make up so many moves!

But first, stretch!

These adorable ducks kept surrounding me.

Headstands are a great energizer in the morning!No bench? Find a log and do quick toe taps with powered arms!Then when trying to do a pistol squat (one leg squat), fall graciously and act like nothing happened.Switch foot kicks!

Moving toe touches along the log with powered arms.Hibiscus is my favorite flower so of course I had to get the HOKA ONE ONE Mach in the hibiscus color!Found some monkey bars!

Using a ladder helps with balance/stabilization forcing you to stay in one block! There are so many moves you can do.Jump sumo squats into each box moving from left to right! One of the hardest but yet funnest moves!Push up to air and back down! I was’nt sure if I could still do this. Let’s just say I may or may not have fallen on my face for a few, lol!

A good workout always requires a baby cone with soft serve and sprinkles afterwards, right?! I am an ice cream lover, if you didn’t know that already. I am not a trainer, coach or anything like that. I am just a girl who loves to workout and live a balanced life. Everything is okay in moderation and if eating a little ice cream per day requires me to workout 5+ days a week then so be it! 😀

That outdoor workout lifestyle #timetofly




BLEACHERS WORKOUT SHOES: HOKA ONE ONE Elevon in white/cherries jubilee color

PARK WORKOUT SHOES: HOKA ONE ONE Mach in white/hibiscus color

*I’ve teamed up with Zappos and HOKA ONE ONE to launch their #timetofly campaign. As always, all my opinions and experiences are my own. I only share products that fit true to myself and audience.



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