ITS FLANNEL SEASON! Chasing Michigans Fall color

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It’s FLANNEL season, you know the most beautiful time of year! I can’t get enough of that crisp air and colorful landscapes.


It’s been a busy month of traveling away from home. I did not want to miss out on all the color, so I went on a day trip to one of my favorite trails just a few hours from home with Watson, which meant rocking my new favorite flannel and Henley from Royal Robbins!

imgI was so excited to arrive and realize we were the only ones on this Manistee River Trail!

Surrounded by bright orange and yellows.imgThis trail is 29-miles round trip. I chose the perfect eight mile loop to the waterfall and back. I love this trail because it follows the river the entire way. We cross many streams allowing Watson to cool off and walk along the river for endless beautiful views.


imgEye spy some of my favorite trees… birch trees!

imgMy favorite view on the trail just a couple miles in.

imgIt’s quite fascinating to see how the river creates its own curves.

imgWatson is giving thanks for being the best fur mama around ;)!


imgThe landscape changes from yellows to lush pines along the ridges.



imgIt was perfect flannel weather!

imgI love Royal Robbins flannel from Zappos because it’s thick enough to stay warm, super soft, quick drying and of course the fun bold colors! Perfect for both outdoors adventures and everyday wear. Check it out here!

It got warm enough to just rock my Henley. This is my go to long sleeve because it’s cute, wrinkle free, breathable, UPF 50+ and quick drying which is a HUGE DEAL when hiking in the outdoors, check it out on Zappos here.


imgWatson always led the way.

imgWhen I would get close he would stop, stair at me making sure I was ready to continue.imgHe would even make sure I cross the streams alright! Best dog ever right?!imgI love me some moss!

imgCome on ma, hurry up!imgFour miles in, we made it to the waterfall! Had a snack and hung out for a bit before heading back.


My new Royal Robbins flannel and Henley inspired me to get out and explore one of the most beautiful times of year!  I hope to inspire you to get out and explore your own state!


ITS FLANNEL SEASON! Chasing Michigans Fall color


Company: Zappos

Brand: Royal Robbins

Flannel: Merinolux Flannel Long Sleeve

Henley: Merinolux Henley Long Sleeve







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