I started a new thing! Comitted 52 days of yoga! I explain my WHY

If you’ve been following along on my Instagram stories for a while now you will know I have committed myself to rolling out of bed, go down stairs and do 30-50 minutes of yoga with “Yoga With Kasandra” on YouTube for the past 52 DAYS missing only 12 days! Those 12 days usually were travel, deciding to do another type of workout, or nothing at all. Since I still have a passion to lift and workout in general I still manage to get another workout in throughout the week. Is it easy to push myself to go? HECK NO… I just know it makes me feel good so I do it anyway!

I started this journey January 28th.  I woke up feeling very stiff, sore and didn’t feel like doing the usual  (gym). I searched for yoga on You Tube and came across her channel. I tried out two of her videos, felt great for the day and I am now addicted! I didn’t realize how tight my body really was. Working out for many years I finally realized I have been doing my body a disservice of not stretching properly. My hips were/are insanely tight. She had her knee to the ground check out how high my knee was. The top photo was taken on day 5 and the lower were taken this morning. Still quite high but much more relaxed and not straining as hard to try and breath, lol. Work in progress.


My original goal was to commit 20 out of 30 days. I have blown myself away with what I have committed thus far! I truly think this is a new lifestyle change. Not only has my flexibility increased dramatically (I could barely touch my toes and now I can place my hands on ground), my body and mind as a whole feels incredible. I keep telling everyone it is LIFE CHANGING!

I always thought to myself,  “I’m not a flexible person, that’s just the way I was born and that’s that…” and now I am a firm believer you CAN become flexible any point in your life, you just have to comit and be disciplined.  I cannot wait to see where this new practice takes me.

I would love for you to join me, try something new, surprise yourself and nourish your body, mind and soul.

I PROMISE YOU, commit just SEVEN days at first and you WILL feel a huge difference in your body from your feet flatter on the ground, spine not so achy, sitting all day isn’t so painful, increased flexibility, posture and a better mindset as a whole.

If your one of those, “yoga is too hippy for me” … I’m telling you it’s not like that at all. Trust. At first I viewed the practice as a great stretch and now I am learning what yoga can do beyond my flexibility! I found an instructor where I felt 100% comfortable with her, she wasn’t super hippy and I loved the flow of her videos. Try Kasandra’s channel here, if you don’t like her, find someone you do like, set a goal and commit.

I could talk about this all day and try and explain how AMAZING this has been but you won’t truly understand what I mean until you try it for yourself!

Here are some screen shots I took this morning from my practice. I can now take a bind and slighly get up into the birds of parasice pose. I COULD NOT do any of this stuff 52 days ago. Im not afriad to show you these because I feel its important to track your progress no matter how big or little it is. Everyone starts somewhere.

I acutally thought my headstand was great when I was holding it, but now that I can see I was leaning A LOT!



My new goal is to get into and hold a beautiful birds of paradise pose like this! Let’s see how long it’ll take me! Join me on my journey!


Then come back here and tell me all about how incredible you feel in the comments below!



YOU TUBE: Yoga with Kasandra – I found her and stuck with her since the beginning. I love her flow and personality. Find someone that you connect with.

GOAL: Start with JUST a 7 day goal. Roll out of bed and commit 15-30 minutes of practice. Be disciplined and commit. I feel it’s easiest right when you wake up. There is no distractions. It sets a calm energized jump start to your day. Also, good time to set intentions for the day ahead.

A disaplined practice is a must in the beginning and then it’ll fade into a new lifestyle change where you just want to do it no matter what.

TAKE NOTES: I have a calandar where I document the time I wake up (another thing I am working on), how many minutes of yoga I do each morning. This allows me to feel accomplished first thing in the morning.

SHARE: It feels pretty darn good when you acutally comit and become disciplined to something! You kind of want to jump up and down give yourself a high five! Well you dont have to do it alone! I would love to hear your progress or anything that your working on! Comment below, Pin, Share and Subscribe! Lets continue to better ourselves and lift others up in the process!



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