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How to Get to The Secret Mermaids Chair

I can’t help it! Anything with the word, “Mermaid” perks my ears, eyes and brows with curiosity! Can you agree?!

We spent our final day in St. Thomas before heading home from our week long private catamaran excursion.  Our friends left us a day early so we had the day to ourselves. Our crew chef mentioned some places to explore, once she said, “Mermaids Chair” I was SOLD! With some digging I found directions on how to get there from where we stayed.

Our hotel held our belongings since our flight wasn’t until 5pm. We walked about a mile to rent a moped from, Rent A Motion.  They charged $65 for the day. The guy highlighted the top places to go but I told him we had one destination in mind, Mermaids Chair. He had no idea what I was talking about! I showed him on the map and he was blown away we wanted to go that far. He’s shouts “no body goes that way, you are crazy, good luck!” as if we were traveling 100’s of miles away. That made me even more excited. I love venturing off to the more desolate places, especially when the locals have no idea where that may be!imgReady for the directions? Take Fortuna road the whole way there! It took us almost an hour to get there. The traffic was light, so we must just be slow! Ron rode us since I have yet to drive on the left.imgThe day couldn’t have been more perfect. It was just us, the hilly coast and the fresh open air!

Mopeds are like jet skis, you can't not smile!

After many sharp, steep, twists and turns we arrived at Botany Bay Preserve. We originally passed the place and turned around since our maps made us believe we had further to go. It’s hard not to miss since the landscape is done so beautifully. imgBonny Bay is a ritzy gated community that does not allow non-resident vehicles to enter. Its FREE to enter but you MUST have some sort of government ID, aka your drivers license and sign a release form.  Security made a copy of our drivers license and gave us a map of the Preserve as our day pass. He allowed us to park the moped on the sidewalk. You can also park on the side of the road at your own risk.imgWe entered the beautiful landscaped preserve and began our walk along the road. The entire walk is paved. The first mile is on the road.

Directions are very simple. You’ll pass Mandahl on your right and then pass Threadneedle Way on your left. Keep right on Botany Bay Way.imgYou’ll come up to two beautiful look-out points facing the Caribbean Sea.img

imgThe next intersection we turned left towards Mermaids Chair.imgThe last half mile turned into a paved two-track. imgThe flowers were in bloom which made for a fresh smelling walk!imgOur view before we made it to the beach! This is where I started to get really excited! It was so beautiful.imgAfter about 15 minutes on the two-track we made it to the beach. This was the view looking left.
imgThe view looking to the right. It was just us and two fishermen.
imgSince we only had one hour, we explored to the right. imgHave you ever had the chance to run between an Ocean and Sea at the same time?! This very spot is the only place in St. Thomas where you can stand between the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea! Fans of the show “The Bachelor”?! The most current season is filmed here as well!imgI love to run wild while Ron enjoys the walk. This was during low tied. The beach will be covered in water during high tide.

We approached the rocks and climbed around on them.img

imgStacked rocks were everywhere! They can mean anything you want them to be. It can be a tribute, a sign, a spell, a promise, a sculpture or as I did, make a Mermaid wish!img

imgThe Caribbean Sea is on the right and the Atlantic Ocean is on the left.imgThe views were incredible but it sure was windy! imgWe climbed up, down and around!imgRon yelled aloud as if he saw a dead person! It was actually an octopus! Neither of us have ever seen one before! We didn’t know they could climb out of the water! It crawled with its tiny legs up and around rocks. We watched it for a minute until it disappeared into the waves. Probably one of the coolest things we’ve ever seen! img

imgI had to give Ron a big ol’ mermaid smooch, thanking him for always being so adventurous with me. I couldn’t ask for a more perfect travel partner then my husband.
imgSince it was low tied I made my way to the massive stand alone rock from afar. You’ll need to wear shoes since its slippery and sea urchin are everywhere. I wore my favorite Teva hiking sandal. They’re comfortable and perfect for this sort of wet hiking!imgThis must be the famous Mermaids Chair. We are not exactly sure why this area called that, if you do, let me know in the comments below!imgI spy Ron down below, can you find him?imgI couldn’t stop laughing from trying to take a selfie, it was a bit windy! #Mermaidhairdontcare

As much as we wanted to stay and explore, we had to start making our way back up to make sure we make our flight. Be prepared to run out of breath. You get more of a workout hiking back up the whopping 500ft in elevation.

We were getting a bit hungry so we stopped at a gas station and opted for some random snacks we’ve never had before.imgAfter dropping the moped off we walked by this ice cream truck. I had to try it since it was homemade and all. I got pineapple and watermelon, both were amazing and refreshing! If you see this ice cream truck driving around be sure to try it out!imgOn the way back to the hotel to get our things something caught my eye in the trees!imgCan you see it?! It’s a giant iguana! Not the greatest photo but Ron and I never seen one this big before, reaching nearly four feet long. It was the perfect way to end this adventurous day with many new firsts!

Here are the top 10 reasons why you must explore Mermaids Chair in Botany Bay Preserve

  • Its secluded, even the locals don’t know about it.
  • Takes you off the beaten path, rather than the typical top tourist places.
  • You get to stand between an ocean and a sea at the same time
  • Has some of the best views of the island
  • You get to walk amongst some of the biggest homes on the island.
  • You get to burn off some of those Painkillers with exercise since you have to hike 1.5 miles to the beach.
  • You get to ride the coast the whole way filled with wild twists, turns and hills! I highly recommend a moped to get the full experience!
  • You can say you drove on the left side of the road in the USA!
  • You get to stand on the set of the 21st season of, “The Bachelor.”
  • Lastly, you get to act as if you ARE A MERMAID! Not sure how that’s to be done but hey, #ifyoucandreamityoucandoit


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