Holiday Weekend Adventures

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With the 4thof July landing on a Wednesday, it was hard not to celebrate two weekends in a row! I wore my new Sanuk Yoga Sling Spectrum sandals on a journey to some of my happy places!

We spent the first few days with my family on my Grandparents property Up North. We consider “Up North” a place here in MI. We then headed to Grand Haven, my favorite beach town in Michigan and then headed home to explore one of my favorite spots on the Detroit River to soak up some morning sun wearing my new sandals from Zappos.

First thing is first in Grand Haven, search for an acai bowl! If I had one food to eat everyday for the rest of my life it would be an acai bowl! The little Voyage Juice co. just opened four days prior! Talk about perfect timing!

Sharing is caring, Watson better know how much I love him :P!imgWe then made it to the beach. I told Watson to fetch me a stick and he attempted to bring me this, lol.imgThe wind made for some fun waves!  I was impressed, everytime a big wave came, he would pull himself up and make it right over.img

Watson is my favorite swimming buddy! His most favorite thing to do is swim, fetch and then…imgmake sand angles! Our home is a sand pit for a few days after but he has SO much fun I can’t tell him no. Does anyone elses’ dog do this?! 

Had dinner then enjoyed roof top fireworks. This was the first time I have ever seen a fountain light show and music playing during fireworks, it was awesome!



We live in a small town called Wyandotte and it sits along the Detroit River. This river is over 32 miles long and ranges up to 2.5 miles wide serving as a major shipping channel which allows us to explore many little islands and lakes. We woke up for a nice morning cruise and explored one of my favorite spots!

imgRon and I have been wearing the Sanuk brand for years! They are the perfect boat/everything sandal. Our feet just smile when they sink into the yoga mat footbed. You can find his here and mine here on Zappos.

imgStoney Island is one of my favorite places to swim. It’s one of 26 islands to explore along the river. The water is bright blue, deep, clear and seaweed free! However, just past this area is a graveyard full of barges!img

imgThese now overgrown barges were the main headquarters for digging the Livingston shipping channel. We see many freighters pass through all the time. imgAs long as you go slow you can get your boat in the back area, tie up and explore the over grown barge.imgMy happy place. Just relaxing, enjoying the morning sun and listneing to the birds chirp. imgWe love teasing Watson! He hates when I jump on Ron’s back. He goes buck wild, you should have seen him! He was running in circles around us barking and jumping!imgX’s & O’s imgWe climbed down the stairs and made our way to the front of the barge, sipped some coffee and enjoyed the peice and quiet before we swam!img

imgCan you spot us below?!img

imgAfter some relaxing, we went for a swim!img

I love when Holidays fall during the week, it gives you an excuse to get out and explore more of your happy places!



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*I have teamed up with Zappos and Sanuk to launch the new #stepandsmile campaign. As always, all my opinions and experiences are my own. I only share products that fit true to myself, brand and audience.  I have been wearing the Sanuk brand for many years so it was an honor to share them with you on a journey to some of my happy places.



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