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Hiking Sandy Cay, The Uninhibited Island


We woke up and had a lovely breakfast in the bay of, Little Jost Van Dyke then made our way to another uninhibited island named, Sandy Cay. The island is a whopping 13.5 acres. Thanks to the IRF, they maintain a short hiking trail around the whole island. It consists of incredibly soft white sand, some rocky terrain, lush green forest filled with thousands of hermit crabs and ends with beautiful cliff views!

We got dropped off in the dinghy and started our hike. This was the first time we needed shoes on this trip!imgWe had a view of the beach for only a couple minutes and then it quickly turned into thick lush forest.img

imgWatch your feet as you walk! I have never seen anything like it! This island is covered with thousands of hermit crabs!imgRon said it so well, “Its like staring at the stars, the longer you look the more you see! Can you count how many you see below? They camouflage so well!imgWe came across the perfect family tree! If you could only see the whole hilarious time lapse of how we managed to get up into the tree!imgI wasn’t expecting the island to have an incline. The view was breathtaking from the top.img

imgThese cacti had tiny neon pink peppers on them! I wish I would of made Ron try one! You would never expect this island to have a drop off like this from the start of the hike. imgThe terrain down had a bit more cacti than the way up.img

imgAfter our hike Ron and I played, who can skip the furthest rock. This island is covered with perfect skipping rocks. I have to admit Ron is much better at skipping than I!imgAfter spending a little more then an hour here we headed to Jost Van Dyke to spend the rest of the day at the famous Soggy Dollar Bar where the Pain Killer drink originated!



Location: Between Tortola and Jost Van Dyke
Habitat: Uninhibited 13.5 acer island, soft white sand beach, hiking trail, rocky, cliffs, dense green forest, cliffs. 
Suggested: Perfect stopping point for the day, bring shoes and everything else you may want since this island has no services. Take the short hike around the island. Watch for thousands of  hermit crabs. 






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