Summer style guide 2

Getting to Tortola & Boarding our Festiva Sailing Vacation


The first day of one of the most epic trips I have ever been on! We woke up at 3:30am on the dot. Travel is the only thing that will EVER get me out of bed that early! We had a quick flight to Boston then about a five-hour flight to St. Thomas. We arrived around noon. We then hired a van to take all six of us to the ferry port. It cost $10 a person with bags. We then took a The Ferry Express to Tortola costing us about $55 round trip per person. Be sure to start your vacation off right with some painkillers at the bar before boarding! Your also aloud to take one for the hour long ride!img

imgOnce we arrived in Tortola we went through customs then jumped in this bad boy, $20 a person with bags. Our drivers name was Bouncer. He is a great story teller, so if your ever out that way ask for him!imgWe arrived at Bunker Hill Hotel, it’s about 15 minutes from the ferry docks. Since we were staying one night we didn’t need anything real fancy. When booking, this place seemed to look the best for the cheapest price. We paid $203, most places were $400 and up. Surprisingly, I was not tired at all! We ate lunch and watched surfers kill it on the waves.img



imgThe sunset was beautiful! It started out with a beautiful glow then turned into fire! img



imgWe spent the rest of the night listening the waves crashing and catching up with our friends, whom we haven’t seen in quite some time. We were all in bed by 11pm!

Day 2

Ron and I slept in and then went for a quick 20-minute run. We turned left out of the hotel.  The streets are so hilly here it was a perfect to get our hearts pumping. We reached the first big hill, it had epic views of the coastline from the top. We got back played some ping pong and searched for sunblock. It’s not common around here so make sure you bring some before you get to the BVI. The guys “attempted” surfing for the first time. Lets just say it didn’t go as planned, lol.  The waves this time of year are not beginner friendly. imgThe Bouncer picked us up around 3:30pm, 30 minutes late to bring us to our Sailboat. This is what they call, “island time.” Tip, always give yourself extra time to get where you want to go, Island Time is real people! We left two hours early for 45-minute ride to our port because we assumed it would take extra time.

Bouncer made up for being late by stopping along beautiful view points.img

imgStouts Overlook was amazing; you MUST TRY their banana rum smoothie. They use homegrown bananas straight from there little farm.

img img

imgWe drove by some grave yards, I thought looked cool.imgAt last, we arrived at Hodges Creek Marina. We checked in with Festiva Sailing Vacations and then met our Captain Adam and Chef Annika at, 5pm. I was so excited to get on the boat! Our welcome sign was too cute!imgWe picked our rooms. Ron and I got a front room. I was blown away how much storage space we had. imgWe took off right away and anchored at Peter Island. Our first meal from Annika was a Roti. I never had one before and WOW was it delicious! It’s a popular dish in the BVI so you MUST try it (though Annika’s are the best). It’s filled with indian spices, potatoes and chicken (for the meat eaters). I defiantly plan on making these at home!imgWe spent the rest of the night enjoying the views getting to know our crew.img



imgDay 1 Itinerary

Flight: Michigan -> Boston -> St. Thomas
Ferry: Bomba Charger from St. Thomas -> Tortola BVI. Cost range: $55 round trip +20$ import tax coming back.
Tortola Ferry -> Bunker Hill Hotel: Taxi $10-20 a person. Hotel stay $203 USD.

DAY 2 Itinerary

Bunker Hill Hotel -> Hodges Creek Marina: Taxi $10-20 a person.
Festiva Sailing Vacations: 7 days, 1 captain, 1 chef, open bar, breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner  included besides two dinners $2,400 a person before tip. (100% worth every penny)
Marina -> Peter Island for the night.


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