Feild of tulips windmill girl wearing dress Top 12 things you must do during the Tulip Festival in Holland Michigan May 24 '19 - I joined the dance in celebrating Tulip Times 90thanniversary! Why orange you ask? Amsterdam celebrates with an all-day extravaganza called Koninginnedag also known as Kings Day, heralding the House of Orange. During this celebration, the citizens dress themselves and the entire city in orange for festivities. Tulip Time decided to do the same inviting Holland to gather in orange spirit ... Read More
Half Ironman For dummies Half Ironman for Dummies Aug 18 '18 - Completing a Half Ironman is one heck of an achievement! Not only do you become a bad ass, get in the best shape of your life, feel great you also become a disciplined endurance machine! If your someone like me, wanting to get into the sport but feeling like a DUMMIE not having a clue on where to get started ... Read More
20 things I would tell my 20 year old selfSummer style guide 20 things I would tell my 20- year-old self + Hello 30 Cake smash Aug 10 '18 - HELLO THIRTY Less than 24 hours from now I will be saying sayonara to my TWENTIES and HELLO to my THIRTIES (ekkk weird)!! I have been reflecting on all the things I have experienced over this past decade and I am absolutely proud and grateful for this life I get to live. It’s very rare for me to be fully ... Read More
Hoka 3 That outdoor workout lifestyle #timetofly Jul 29 '18 - Sponsored by Zappos Now that I have completed my Half Ironman, I can get back to my favorite kind of training! Not that I don’t love swim, bike, running I am excited to change it up! I absolutely love working out outside from high intensity cardio, yoga, lifting, cross training and so much more! My new HOKA ONE ONE shoes ... Read More
1521557787627 I started a new thing! Comitted 52 days of yoga! I explain my WHY Mar 20 '18 - If you’ve been following along on my Instagram stories for a while now you will know I have committed myself to rolling out of bed, go down stairs and do 30-50 minutes of yoga with “Yoga With Kasandra” on YouTube for the past 52 DAYS missing only 12 days! Those 12 days usually were travel, deciding to do another type ... Read More
oatmeal cookies 3 My experience in detail completing my first ever Olympic Triathlon and everything you should know! Jun 27 '17 - My experience in detail completing my first ever Olympic Triathlon and everything you should know! 3am, I lay wide awake, stomach growling and mind racing. I decide to get up, slam a protein drink and eat a granola bar. The article I read the day before said I should get up around 2am to eat anyhow to store fuel before ... Read More