Exploring the Most Magical Place Minutes from Miami; The Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

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Could you imagine what your summer home would look like if you employed 10% of Miami’s population to build it?! It would be incredible right!

James Derring, a retired Vice President of International Harvester did just that on a whopping 130 acres from 1914 to 1922. He named it, Vizcaya.

Today it stands as an internationally renowned accredited museum and National Historic Landmark. Its known for its rich history, architecture, gardens, and art and living collections. It also preserves one of the only remaining native forest in Miami!

Let me tell you, every inch of this place thoroughly thought out from the shells in the cement, marble on the grounds, to the shingles on the roofs and everything in between! Everywhere you turn it’s “picture perfect.”

Check out all the details inside and out of this jaw dropping estate! I have yet to see another place with this much thought out detail! My favorite parts are posted towards the bottom!

Since we didn’t rent a car on our girls trip to Miami, we Ubered from South Beach. It was about a 25 minute drive. He dropped us off at the front entrance.We walked along the road with several coral carved statues. You can get dropped off right at the entrance here.

It cost $18 to enter, be sure to say hello to this lady! She is the sweetest and will give you a good laugh!

We started our own tour here though these doors. The moment you walk in your greeted with the most beautiful marble and stone floors.Every room in the main house was designed around furniture, paneling, gates and fire places. You can read about each one, here.

We started up stairs. Could you imagine throwing parties here?!The hallways to each room.Could you imagine one of these as your bedroom?!

Or getting ready for the day in this bathroom and soaking in this marble tub?!What about hanging out in any of these rooms?

Every inch of every room has incredible thought out detail!

Palm tree wall paper anyone?We walked the swirly stairs to a beautiful look out. You can see the city in the distance.

So, could you IMAGINE living in a place like this? Personally, I COULDN’T! I would most likely break something every time I walked, eat with the wrong fork, have all the wrong manners and dress inappropriately for this kind lifestyle. Though, I do admire those that did, this place is incredibly beautiful! We took a break and lathered ourselves up with sunblock before we started to explore the most beautiful gardens I have ever seen!Check out the back view of this house!

Do you see the mermaid?

There were lizards everywhere.The ground was made up of shells.Everywhere I walked I felt like Cinderella.Live like theres no midnight -Cinderella.This place is a dream.

At last, my most favorite spot of all, the moss stone steps I saw on Pinterest! I stand… and run in all its glory, lol!

I’ve never seen a lizard this color before!Look at the detailed ceiling. It’s amazing how intact it still is after all these years and surviving many hurricanes. I spy my friend Robin! This place is a maze!

Everywhere you walked there were photoshoots going on. This place is a romantic magical dream!The Vizcaya rents out this historic estate for weddings, corporate events, and social affairs! Could you imagine!

This place should be on your “top list of things to do while in Miami!” You will not regret it! We spent over four hours here and could not get enough!

What was your favorite part? I would love to hear from you! Comment below, Pin, share and subscribe to stay up to date on my latest adventures!

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

LOCATION: 3251 South Miami Avenue
Miami, FL 33129

ADMISSION: Adults $18, Children 6-12 $6, Children 5 and under FREE, Senior 62+ with ID $12, Students $10, Military discounts available.

FACILITY RENTAL: Weddings, corporate events, and social affairs. Click here for more info.

CAFE AND SHOP: Click here for menu

TIPS: Expect to spend at least 2-4 hours if not more here. Bring sun-block.


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