Exploring queens bath

Exploring Queens Bath + Everything you must know before going!

Day 4

Morning Hike to Queens Bath

Looking up some simple things to do I came across a short hike to Queens Bath. It was 4 minutes from our condo, we could’nt not go!


The GPS took us though the neighborhood. I thought it was wrong. There was a small parking lot enough for about 8-10 cars.

We wen’t before 10am and there were still many spaces available. However, reading reviews it gets packed quickly so be sure to come early and get a spot or find one thoughout the neighborhood without blocking in other cars.

There are many warning signs you can’t miss.imgThe trail is full of roots and dense clay. It wasn’t slippery to us but reading other reviews it can get extremely slippery and nearly impossible to walk without falling. imgIt’s reccomened to not wear flip flops or open toe shoes. We wore both and were fine.  There was an area full of trees like this.imgCame across a small waterfall in the distance a couple minutes before we made it to the ocean.imgAnd another little one just before we made it to the lava rock.imgThen the third BIG waterfall that pours into this cove that runs out to the ocean.

Since I didn’t look up exactly what “Queens Bath” was at the time we just walked along the shoreline and explored. We came across this small chill pool next to the raging ocean! This is NOT Queens Bath. We watched to make sure waves wern’t pouring over for a possible chance of pulling us out to sea (yes, it happens a lot here) and decided to take a dip. img

It’s a wild feeling to be chillig in this calm bath while the powerful ocean beside us crashes against the volcanic rock wall. The sound alone made me nervous! I couldn’t help but look hehind me every two seconds! lolimgThe waves were so big they were making the large rock disappear right behind me. It looks like the ocean is ready to eat me! I’ll admit, it wasn’t relaxing but it was exhilarating!imgWalking down a bit more hopping along the volcanic rock we came across the famous spot that has gone viral. Does this look famailar to you?img

I didn’t remember until later that day that this was the spot I saw on FB months ago where several kids were jumping in and swimming the quick moving tide in and out. The water will flow up and down 20+ feet within a couple seconds. It’s amazing to watch… FROM UP HERE!

Thankfully, no one was in the water this time around but watching the videos made my jaw drop in fear for them (many have drown). Don’t ever under estimate the power of the ocean.

It would fill up…img

and then drop 20+ feet within seconds!img

We went in Feburary during the winter months so the water was extra moody.

Oh hey there! Some shadow fun!img

I believe this area was Queens Bath, as you can tell the water was raging! Come during the summer months or check the tide before coming and you can jump right in.img

The water and lava rock almost look fake, it’s so cool!  Love this picture of us <3.imgKauai’s horseshoe bend. To the right below, you could jump into the water (we debated).  The waves would cash over the edge then wash over the the left and then back out to sea.  We may have been fine BUT I would rather not risk it.
imgLava rock walls, jungle ridged peaks, raging ocean… calls for some happy dancing!imgAfter exploring for nearly an hour we headed back. The sun was glistening though the trees.



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Queens bath IN PRInceville

DIRECTIONS: 5035 Kapiolani Loop, Princeville, HI 96722

PARKING: Small parking lot 8-10 spots available in neighborhood. Find overflow parking thoughout neighborhood. Free.

TRAIL: Easy .6 mile in/out hike. Can become difficult after rainfall. Extremly slippery/muddy several days after rain. Grab a walking stick for balance. Flip flips not reccomened. We wore them but trail was dry. Expect to be slippery and get muddy. I saw kids and older adults. Not a difficult hike, just take your time.

WHAT TO EXPECT: Short 10-15 minute hike though dense lush jungle, muddy trail opens up to the ocean with three small waterfalls along the way. Once to the ocean your surrounded by lava rock. Can be slippery. Small pool to relax in at beginning. Queens Bath is aprox. 240 yards from trail. Best time to go is during Summer months for summing conditions. Winter months as you can tell very bad conditions for swimming but still worth exploring surrounding areas.

Always check surf report before attempting to swim. Check HERE. Never turn back to ocean and stay away from the cliffs edges even on a calm day, things change quickly. Over 40 deaths here.


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