Exploring 5 Million Tulips in Holland Michigan

Explore Million Tulips

Could you imagine frolicking amongst FIVE MILLION tulips? Neither could I, until I did! imgAfter leaving Windmill Gardens we made our way to Veldheers Tulip farm. We paid a small fee of $10 to enter, which was so worth it.  Once we arrived my friends and I couldn’t help but run around, oohing and ahhing over every little tulip! I had no idea how many tulip species existed until I visited!

I also managed to LOSE my wedding ring in a field of 5 MILLION tulips! Those are words any wife would never ever want to say! Scroll to the bottom for the whole story. I swear it’s something you’d read out of a fairy tale!
imgBut for now look how beautiful all these tulips are. Every row was compact, full and lush with the most colorful tulips I have ever seen!img width=

imgThese ones were so unique with the jagged edges.img

imgMeet my friends Megan and Kate. They are always down to travel and make everything into a photoshoot!img






imgJust laying out with some tulips.img



imgI loved these dark plumb tulips. They are so elegant yet fierce in a Practical Magic kind of way! This is me trying to be seriously serious.imgThen theres me… well just being me, lol.imgMy girl Kate winning a serious staring contest with the plum tulips.
imgSome tulips reminded me of some quotes.img

imgWhy fit in when your born to stand out. -Dr. Seuss imgI got a secret can you keep it. -Pretty Little Liars img

imgThere were so many unique tulips I wanted to take them all home! This place has over 200 species of tulips to choose from. I loved this kind so much I bought a bunch for my home. I may have started a new addiction!imgSo, you want to know more about how I managed to LOSE my wedding ring in a field of 5 MILLION tulips?!

imgMy friend Megan got these new extensions for her lens to do micro shots. We thought it would be a great idea to take photos of our wedding rings! I mean how much more beautiful can that get, right!? Just look at it! We were having so much fun.

It was getting late which means we had to start heading out soon since we had a three+ hour drive home. Kate, went to go purchase the tulips I wanted while I was finishing up a few more shots in this wild purple teethed tulip. It was about to storm and we were getting rushed to leave packing up all our things. Little did I know this is the last time I saw my wedding ring… img

After we packed everything up we headed home. It started to storm. We were chatting about how much fun we had and couldn’t wait to sit down and look at all the photos. About an hour and half into our drive, I rolled my thumb along my ring finger. Just a silly habit I do, not even thinking about it to straighten my ring. All of a sudden my HEART SINKS and I instantly start balling my eyes out. Kate and Megan were confused. I pulled over on the highway. My ring is not on my finger. We tear apart the car. We started to back track everything we did. I could of swore I put it back on my finger. We knew it had to be in the field of five million tulips. Kate calls Veldheers Farm and explains what happened. They said its too dark to look, all the tulips are closed up and its storming!

We knew it had to of been inside the tulip. We decided to head all the way home and call them back in the morning. Of coarse I didn’t sleep that great. The employees got there early before tour busses came. They were kind enough to start looking for me. It was literally just like searching for a needle in a hay stack. One wedding ring amongst five million tulips. After an hour of going back and fourth they still couldn’t find it. Thankfully, I chose one of the most unique species of tulip to take photos of. There were several areas this could have been but not as many as others. After several phone calls, text messages and pictures of the area we narrowed down the area to search. I started to worry the tour buses were going to come and someone was going to find it. I was ready to start driving out there myself. Another hour past which felt like a life time and I got a call! She said “I FOUND IT!” I couldn’t believe it! It was still inside the tulip! It was protected the whole night and made it though the storm! We thought about overnighting it but was afraid something else could happen. The sweet woman who found it offered to meet me half way! Not only could she of lied and kept it, this woman was willing to meet me half way! Talk about paying it forward, right! There are still incredible people in this world!

This story could not have ended any better. I am so incredibly thankful for how sweet the management and employees at Veldheers Farm treated the whole situation from getting to work earlier, not giving up on looking and even meeting me half way. Not only is there farm beautiful, they are such sweet people!

I haven’t even been married a whole year yet at the time! Lets just hope I learned a VERY BIG LESSON so I can keep my one of a kind wedding ring for the rest of my life!

I hope this inspires you to want to visit Veldheer’s Tulip Farm in Holland MI!


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