Directions to the Secret Swing in San Diego

Swings are even more fun when they’re SECRET!

Where is this secrete swing you might ask?! Look no further, I finally made a post for you, making it simple to find this hidden swing overlooking the San Diego coast.

It’s funny, I spoke with SO many people that lived there for years and NEVER heard of this place. That’s what I am here for. I love to dig deep and find hidden gems most people never see while on my travels.


The cross roads are, Discovery Way and La Jolla Shores Drive. Once you arrive. Park along the apartments here. Once your parked, walk towards this direction. 
Walk down the hill here.Once you walk down that small hill for a minute  you will see this view on the left.
Turn to the right, WALA…

You have arrived to the secrete San Diego Swing! Have fun and share your posts with me! I would have loved to come back for sunset!

This spot required very little walking which is great for nearly everyone to enjoy!

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DIRECTIONS: Click here


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