Day 8: Cooper Island in the BVI

Day 8

Waking up covered in Pringles from one of the biggest party nights of my life on WIlly T’s floating ship means I had a good night, right?! I will admit, my tiny self was still drunk. We got up early to snorkel one more area before we headed to Cooper Island! I could barley function but I thought snorkeling would wake me up/sober me up! This area was beautiful where we went. The water was a bit choppy but it was still awesome!

We made it to Cooper Island early to make sure we got a mooring ball. There are 30 of them. Once we arrived they yelled out Barry the barracuda is hungry! There he was waiting  to be fed! YUP, you heard that right a barracuda! I have never seen one before let alone one that begs for food! Of coarse we couldn’t say no!img



img img


We all relaxed on the boat. Well I was sort of miserable trying to fight the hangover and play Canadian Euchre with the captain and Ron and the others swam or relaxed.

After a while we took a dingy to the island. Since I wasn’t feeling great, I didn’t take any photos! I know crazy right! However, I wanted to show you how beautiful this island was. I took these next photos from Cooper Island Beach Club site. Be sure to check them out for even more details!


First thing was first, I had to get some ice cream our chef was raving about! There is a board walk that directs you to everything. The ice cream shop is next to Sea Grape Boutique. The vibe makes you feel like your on a movie set.imgOf coarse I had to check out the boutique. They had adorable clothes for women, mens, kids and even babies! They are not the cheapest but I splurged on a $90 romper as my souvenir!img They also have a rum bar with over 110 different rums to choose from! They have the largest selection to choose from out of all bars and restaurants in all of the Virgin Islands.  They have rum tasting, which sounded awful to me at the time but I am sure is a great time and is another fun option to try on the island. imgimgWe relaxed near the restaurant and talked about all the good times we had the past seven days island hopping in the BVI.

imgWe had an early dinner and watched the sunset. It looked a bit like this!


Though, I wasn’t feeling great I couldn’t help but enjoy myself and soak up the last moments of the BVI before we started our journey back to Tortola and St. Thomas.

Most of these photos are courtesy of the Cooper Island Beach Club website. Be sure to check them out for greater details!


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