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Day 7 of 7: Final day on Mt. Kilimanjaro hiking through a tropical forest!


Decent from millennium camp (3,820m) – to Mweka Gate (1,650m)

Ron and I had woke up feeling like a new person! Summiting to the top of Kilimanjaro and not sleeping 28 hours the day before caught up with us. We woke up so refreshed. Surprisingly, not as sore as we would have thought! Don’t get me wrong my body was sore I was just much more fatigued. You could feel the relief of altitude already!

Opening our tent felt like we were on a totally different mountain. We were surrounded by greens and trees!

Hiking Mt. Kilimanjaro is like hiking from the equator to the North Pole! We experienced FIVE different climate zones. We went from Heath, Moorland, alpine desert, arctic and now rainforest (my favorite landscape)! I go into more detail on the full trip itinerary here 

imgThe sunrise gave off beautiful pastel colors on this peak.imgWe camped next to another Altezza crew. Since they had a much larger group, they rocked the brand new white DOMES! Awesome right!?imgWe enjoyed our last breakfast and medical check (bp, lungs, O2, questionnaire)!imgIt was really interesting to track our vitals along the way. Its amazing how the body chemistry can change with change in altitude. Check out Ron and I’s below. We made it a competition to see how had better BP, pause, or O2 even though we really didn’t have any control, it was just funny!

Our BP is all the way to the right. I have a very low resting BP while Rons spiked quite a bit. Same with our pulses.img

imgJust another reason why we loved booking with Altezza. They go over and above making sure we succeed safely.

We were so proud of our medial checks we had some pictures taken. Their not the greatest   but I thought they were a great memory. So thankful for Haji and Chi-Chi for taking care of us.img

imgThe porters tear down so quickly! Goodbye cozy tent, its been real!imgIt’s CRAZY to think we were on top of Kilimanjaro yesterday! The fact that we climbed to the top, down and made it this far in one day is INCREDIBLE! Now only SIX more hours to go!imgBut first! We had our farewell song and group picture! VIDEO COMING SOON! Altezza’s crew sure know how to make music!

We can not thank everyone enough for making sure Ron and I’s experience everything we dreamed. These are some incredible people right here!

imgMillennium Camp had a nice bathroom.imgThese are what our toilets looked like majority of the time. If we were to do it again, the only thing we would do different is splurge on a private toilet supplied by Altezza. But in reality… we were climbing a freaking mountain, we didn’t expect anything fancy!imgWe were on a mission to get to then bottom so there were not many breaks. It drove me nuts because… me being me… I wanted to stop every minute and take photos of my favorite landscape!

They were much fast then I! Haji stayed with me. Every time I tried to catch up with Ron I would slip and fall, lol! SO TAKE YOUR TIME!imgWe were in the middle of a rain forest. Wet, lush, green, slippery and muddy! We broke though the jungle and Chi-CHi showed us where were headed.imgWe had a really fast pace going down! We even passed a few crews, but still not faster then our porters! I swear I have no idea how they do it especially carrying all the gear.

You know how I mentioned mountain taxis the day before? Well we saw a woman getting taken down in one. It was intense. Six men balancing a woman in a one wheeled cart down a rocky mountain is HARD WORK! Click here to see yesterdays story. This is what they look like.

imgYou know when your in a lower altitude when you see monkeys in the trees! We were nearly to the end!imgWe beat the six hour estimated time down by 3 hours! Yeah… no big deal!imgWe have officially concurred the tallest free standing mountain in the world! Also, my #1 bucket list item! I wouldn’t have wanted to do it with anyone else but my greatest travel partner of all time! It was by far the hardest thing I have ever done and one heck of an achievement to remember for a life time!imgWe signed in for our very last time and relaxed while Haji checked us out.imgThe Mweka Gate was a beauty.imgWe were so excited, they had regular sitting toilets here! Also, I couldn’t get over all the beautiful flowers.img

imgThere were tons of companies packing up and everyone was celebrating!imgWe had a quick one hour drive back to the Hotel where Altezza is based at. We were awarded our fancy certificates congratulating us for climbing 19,431ft!imgWe checked in our room, took a hot shower (boy were we excited), ate lunch and relaxed for a couple hours before we took off for our three day safari! 

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Decent from millennium camp to Meeka Camp

TRAVEL COMPANY: Altezza Climb & Safari

CHANGE IN ELEVATION: Millennium Camp (3,830 m) – Mweka Gate (1,650m)


HIKING TIME: 4-6hours (we took three hours)

LANDSCAPE: Rainforest

TIP: Use hiking poles. Ground is very slippery. Legs most likely fatigued from summiting  day before. Weather can be wet. August is dry season.










2 thoughts on “Day 7 of 7: Final day on Mt. Kilimanjaro hiking through a tropical forest!”

  1. I can only imagine how awesome a hot shower felt at the end of all of that adventuring! Also very, very cool that you made your way through so many climate zones on the way down. What a wonderful adventure!

    1. TheWanderlustBrunette

      Girl! You don’t even know! That was the longest I have ever gone without a shower. Though, I will admit I was able to wash up with hot water morning and night which made all the difference! The climate zones made it for a one of a kind hike for sure!

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