Day 6: The Hidden Red Sand Beach


Just completed the Pipiwai Trail. Next stop, the mysterious Red Sand Beach! I didn’t look up the directions so I asked a women working the entrance of Haleakala National Park. She responded with “mile marker 49, about 20 minutes up the road.” We got there and it didn’t look red to me, although it looked like a beautiful beach. I asked another man who seemed local. Sure enough he gave great directions! A few more miles ahead you’ll pass the grocery store and then the church. Once you hit the church turn right (in this photo we were leaving).


Park along the school and walk towards the dead end street. On the left you’ll see a little trail by the yellow fence. Walk across some grass and you’ll see the trail, continue.


The trail will guide you straight to the red sand beach.


The beginning of the trail is filled with deep black and burgundy rocks along the shore. The trail is quite narrow so be careful. Once you turn the corner to the beach… WOW!

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It’s wild how nature made its own wall to give us this awesome little secret beach. The colors are so beautiful. The ice burg blue water crashing up against the black rocks and washing into the red sands makes this beach quite magical.



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Also, I forgot to mention this is a nude beach! I got to witness a group of people taking advantage of the freeness.




I am not quite there yet but I give them props, it looks so liberating! That being said, its on my bucket list!

Ron opted to stay dry and relax while I frolicked in the water.


But first let me explain my fear! I am one of those, if I can’t see beneath me while swimming I picture awful things that could happen… like a massive shark coming up and eating me whole.. you know realistic stuff.  Thankfully, I brought goggles that put me at ease, sort of.  I always have a proud self moment when I end up not letting fear ruin my fun. Because lets face it, Jack Canfield has got it right! Everytime I am about to not do something that scares me I tell myself this quote below over and over again until I do it!

"Everything you've ever wanted is on the other side of fear"


I followed quite a few fish around and came across some unique swirls in the rocks.

The current was strong but fun getting tossed back and fourth from the waves. I was comfortable knowing it would be tuff for the current to suck me out to sea since there was a rock wall guarding the beach.

After about an hour of swimming it was time to take our two-half hour journey back through the Road to Hana for the 3rd time since the other way is much further to our condo.


Our view on the way back up was awesome!


Spent the rest of the night hot tub relaxing since Rons big Birthday challenge is the next morning! He’s attempting the world famous” Cycle To The Sun” 10,000 ft climb on a road bike! While he was doing that I got to do a hike that felt like I was on Mars! Read all about it here!




Directions: Hiking map

HIKE: Easy/.5 mile

COST: Free, leave nothing but footprints

NOTE: Nude beach, give yourself an 1 hour +, strong current.


What is your favorite beach in Maui? I would love to hear from you! Comment below, Pin, share and subscribe to stay up to date on our latests adventures! xox






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