Day 6: Hiking the Pipiwai Trail to Bayan trees, Bamboo Forest and a 400ft waterfall


We Drove the unauthorized back side of the Road to Hana to Bamboo Forest!


Since we have driven “The Road to Hana” twice now we wanted to see what this other route had to offer. We opted to take the risk of violating our rental car contract and drive along HWY 31 to Haleakala National Park.

Its worth it! If you want to read more about the drive read my “Top Four Must See Scenic Drives in Maui!

I always love visiting National Parks because you’ll never leave disappointed, ever! We began our 4 mile trek along the Pipiwai Trail, which starts next to the visiting center.

About ten minutes into the hike you arrive at the gate.


About another 15 minutes into the hike we came across the wildest Bayan Tree I have ever seen! Truly breathtaking!


Just to try and give some perspective of how large this tree is, can you find Ron in this photo?!


Tress have a special place in my heart, I am always so fascinated by them.


After marveling over this tree for 20 minutes we continued on.

Crossed a bridge to a pretty waterfall. I see why they don’t want people swimming in these pools. It looks like you could get washed away quite easily.



At last! About 30 minutes into the hike we have entered into bamboo forest. At some points the bamboo was so dense and dark there were just specs of light flickering through reaching its way to the ground.



It felt like we were in one massive wind chime click/clunking together when the wind would blow.



I actually didn’t take many shots as I had in mind but the scenery is just so beautiful. We hiked along the stream stepping along mossy rocks with bamboo surrounding us. This is truly a one of a kind hike.


We  made it to the end and arrived at Waimoku Falls!


We went close to the falls but did not go under the falls. We heard someone the other day say they were near the falls and saw a massive boulder go over the edge. Standing back was plenty to soak up the views.




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dots-orgHaleakala National Park

Cost: $20 per car/ $8 on bike/ $15 motorcycle valid for 3 days

Trail: Pipiwai Trail 

Distance: 4 miles round trip

Time: Give yourself 2-4 hours.

Hike: Easy/moderate

What to expect: Waterfalls, natural pools, moss, Bayan Tree, Bamboo forest.







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