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Day 5 of 7: Day After Sickness & Last Day Before Summit night!


Trekking from Karanga Camp (3,960m) to Barafu Camp (4,035m) 

After 16+hours of sleep and sickness the day before, we woke up re-energized and ready to continue our adventure! The day couldn’t start off any better. We washed up with warm water and got up just in time to watch the sun-rise over the peak. Well Ron did, I was still shaving :P! imgIt was a frosty morning at 4,035m. The grass and stone looked really cool! The slightest bit of sun started to de-frost everything quickly. imgA macro shot made it look like tiny eggs.imgBreakfast was ready on the dot per usual at 7am. We still didn’t have much of an appetite from being so sick the day before. We forced ourselves to eat a little since we needed energy for the long day ahead. Tonight at midnight start our summit to the top!

Our morning view.imgThis was the first time we saw a break in the clouds and land below! imgMangu (sounds like Mango) was our waiter. He made sure we had everything we needed the whole trip. We were spoiled with all kinds of food and snacks made from our personal chef and served by him. Ron and I both agreed Mangu was one of our favorites! His personality always made us smile or laugh!imgFor breakfast we had omelets, porridge (oatmeal), fruit, avocado, banana sandwiches and hot tea! First class camping right here people!
imgHad our daily medial check done. They check our lungs, BP, O2 level, and questionnaire on how were doing. They do this morning, evening and as needed everyday. Not all companies do this so we were very happy that Altezza goes over and above to make sure we succeed safely. About 20% of the people that attempt the hike don’t make it to the top! Crazy right!? Though, Altezza has a success rate of 98%!imgWe started our hike around 9:00am. The top of Mt.Kilimanjaro was showing off this morning.imgWe took the same route we did for our acclimating hike the day before. It was nice because we could finally see blue skys and how beautiful the peak was! It’s insane that we will be hiking to the top of that starting at midnight! It seemed so far away still!imgSince there were no clouds, we could see the arch this time around! Look at the photo above, all the way to the left, you see that tiny spec in the first hump on the mountain? Here is what it looked like zoomed in!imgThe sun quickly rose and lit up the whole arch!imgAbout an hour into our hike, we were back in the clouds. I didn’t mind though, this landscape is one of a kind!img

imgAfter a couple hours, we took a short snack break while the porters were being rock stars passing us per usual! Isn’t he handsome guys!?





imgDon’t forget to check out the alligator rock! It’s HUGE! It’s head is to the left, leg bent near the middle and its tail goes all the way down. Can you see it?imgAbout an hour left into our hike Haji, our guide laughed when I gasped looking at this peak we had to climb to get to our basecamp.imgI was still feeling a bit weak from being sick the day before so I just took a deep breath and went for it!

Don’t they look like tiny ants?!At last! We were officially at the starting point for our night summit to Uhuru Peak!!

imgI couldn’t have been more proud of us! If your curious about what happened the day before check out this post here.

We took a little nap before our acclimatization hike. imgFrom here we hiked up one hour. We did this nearly every day. Climb high sleep low. This allows our body to acclimate much faster.imgAfter our hike we had lunch and was told to rest until dinner time. Since we slept 16 hours the day before, it being day light and everyone talking outside, it was nearly impossible to fall asleep. We tried using ear plugs but neither Ron or I could sleep so we just rested until dinner and then 11:30am when they told us its time! Its time to complete our biggest achievement known to date, climbing to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro to Uhuru Peak, 19,431ft! 

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Thanks to Altezza for making this trip possible! As always, all my thoughts and opinions are my own!



Trekking from Karanga Camp to Barafu Camp

CHANGE IN ELEVATION: Karanga Camp (4,035m) – Barafu Camp (4,640)


HIKING TIME: 4-5 hours

Acclimatization hike

CHANGE IN ELEVATION: Barafu Camp (4,640m) – Kosovo Camp (4,800)


HIKING TIME: 1-2 hours

TIPS: Eat even if you don’t feel like it. The altitude will do that to you. Drink sips of water every few minutes. Try your best to rest at basecamp for summit night and congrats you made it this far!


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    I loved everyday for different reasons! The landscapes changed so much! Thanks for checking them all out! ENJOY! Hope to inspire you to do it too!

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