The Best Stops on The Road to Hana

Road to Hana

The windy narrow 64 miles of Hana Highway is packed with 59 bridges, 46 of which are only one lane wide, approximately 620 curves filled with luscious tropical forest and waterfalls!


From all the pictures and articles I have read about, “The Road to Hana” I was finally able to plan out our own adventure. Since there was so much we wanted to see we decided to break it down into two days. Let me tell you that was the best choice we’ve made the whole trip rather then cramming so much into one day.

First stop Twin Falls Mile Marker #2

 This place is not hard to miss. You’ll see a fruit/juice stand. The trail begins to the left of the stand. We passed up the first set of falls but heard some jumping, splash’s and laughs so I am sure its worth seeing! They also have clean toilets! There are not many along the way so use it when needed and make a donation to thank them!

Enter the fence for the experienced hikers only!


To be honest this was the nicest wide paved trail I have seen yet,

Don’t miss out on all the beautiful flowers along the way!





After about 20 minutes we cross a little bridge with water running across and shortly after that you arrive at the falls.


At last the falls!


I was so memorized by the roots of the banyan trees rather then the actual falls. Their so fascinating! I love me some waterfalls but this time around I couldn’t stop wanting to take pictures with these roots!




Ron capturing me in my element.



I told him to kiss me under the falls and as always, he says something witty and makes me laugh. One of the many reasons why I love this man with everything I have.

I would give yourself at least an hour or more here. 

 SECOND STOP: Rainbow Eucalyptus trees just before mile marker #7 on the left hand side.

They are easy to miss if you are not looking for them. Just passed the trees there is a small pull off to the right where you can park to walk up to these fascinating beasts!




You get the feeling as if you are in a fairy tale. Too bad so many people have carved into these trees. Thankfully, a few years ago in Kauai visiting my friend we found an incredible park with a few dozen untouched ones! Though this painted forest is defiantly worth a quick stop.


THIRD STOP: The Garden of Eden mile mark #10.5

 If you’re a lover of trees, plants and nature like I then this is a great place to stop! The $15 per person seems a bit pricy but once you see how maintained and beautiful it is you wont regret helping out this family gown business and will be thankful for them sharing it with everyone! Plus, how often can you say you got to feed a peacock?!


Be careful of the other ones they can be sassy and nip at ya, no pain was conflicted.




5469This tree feels like the wings of a moth. Its so incredibly soft and beautiful.3546



577The smallest most adorable pineapple I have ever seen!!


They have a beautiful lookout over Puohokamoa Falls. I wanted to walk up to the falls but since we had a late start in the day this view will do!


Give yourself at least 1-2 hours to walk the trails.

Fourth Stop: Upper Waikani Falls half mile beyond mile marker #19. 

This girl is starting to get tired out and hungry! We decided to pull off to take a look at these beautiful falls. There are not many safe spots to pull off the road. I decided to walk up and take a few shots. I would of loved to swim but I needed some food in my belly and we had a few more sites to visit before we made our journey back to Kannalpali.


This was my view as I turned around headed back the the car. Beautiful, isn’t it!?



Fifth Stop: We found FOOD!

Other then the delicious breakfast Ron made us at 8am the only thing we had ate was some almonds and it was nearly 5pm! At this point whatever stop came up next I am devouring it!

COCONUT GLENS mile marker #27.5 saved the day!


Fresh vegan coconut ice cream was calling my name!  I got mint chocolate chip and Guava! I tell ya, I could of ate a gallon of the mint chip! If you decided to stay he serves it in adorable coconut cups but since we were on a mission we wanted to keep moving.

Not but a mile later we laughed out loud because Ron said “I wish there was a sign that said fish tacos up ahead” no joke, two minutes after he said that we passed that exact sign!

Island Style Tacos mile marker #29

If you only knew how excited we were when we saw they were open! They were the only food place left open and there was no line! We both got the jumbo shrimp taco with everything on it and the last of the mac and cheese! Aka, the good crispy stuff at the bottom! A local came right after us looking for the last of it! Finally, re-energized for our last stop of the day!




Tip! When your planning your Hana road trip make sure you either pack food or plan pit stops along the way to eat. There are some places to stop but not many.


Sixth Stop: Black Sand Beach at Waianapanapa State park Mile marker #32 – 33

 Walking threw the sea caves was quite awesome, it was shaded, mossy and silent. The waters were stagnant so it was closed off for swimming.


We then walked down to the main beach area to the right of the parking lot.


This beach is more like black pebble beach which makes it quite unique. Every time a wave came crashing the wash of the pebbles made such awesome sounds.





Now that this fun filled day has come to an end, all I have to say is I feel accomplished and exhausted! We didn’t get to spend much time at some places I would have liked to but I am happy we got to stop at all the places I really wanted to see! From all the re-search that I have done in my opinion I feel we choose the best places to stop for one day! You definitely want to at least plan for two days in this area since there is so much to see and do. Our original plan was to do the full loop around but the route stated it was 3 ½ hours to Kaanapali or if we turned around it was only 2 ½ hours back! Since we were tired we opted to take the windy Road to Hana once again! Since it was getting late there were not many cars on the road. Lets just say Ron had a blast driving back and I actually got nauseous which doesn’t ever happen!

My thoughts on the drive were WOW! Of all the road trips I have ever taken this was definitely the windiest and unique drives I have ever been on! I definitely didn’t have one second of boredom. Every turn we took the scenery was breathtaking.  It was hard for me to not want to stop every second to take a photo. Even though we had to back track, it felt as if we drove it for the first time seeing everything again at a different angle.



-Start early as possible we started around 9am. Ive read start at 6am.

-Plan for a full 12 hour day

-Bring cash for food/snacks or make sure to bring some

-You may get nauseous

-Follow my adventure or plan before you go! You don’t want to miss anything!

-Bring a change of clothes, bathing suit, good walking shoes.



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