Day 3: Swimming The Olivine Pool’s


After hiking The Secret Iao Trail we wanted to cool off ! What better place to go where mother nature wares away reef to give us these natural pools to relax in.

The trail was easy to find on the map without having phone service. Looking down at the pools from the top is, WOW! The hike down is quite steep. The reef is sharp and some spots were sandy which made me slide a bit. There is no direct trail down. Just start making your own way down.


Without a minute waisted we jumped in!

Some waves were crashing right over the reef and blasting us with its bubbliness!


DCIM100GOPROGOPR0864.I could spend an entire day here relaxing and listening to the waves crash.


It’s insane how the pools can be so calm but yet just the other side of the reef are wicked waters crashing over! Very yin and yang feeling. Not sure if this is normal for the area but the waters were very ruff on the other side.



Some kids were diving in these pools! Gutsy!


Bring goggles, the pools had some awesome fish as well. Watching these lil salamander looking fish just eating cracked me up. I couldn’t capture it on camera so you’ll have to come see for yourself!


There are two main swimming pools. This is the second one.



Every 15 minutes or so a large enough wave would crash over the reef!DCIM100GOPROGOPR0833.

Ron got quite close to the blow hole, making me nervous as he stood near! The sound it makes is so wild!



After spending a few hours here its time to head back since its getting late. Hiking back up, the eroded lava rock was very cool. The colors were beautiful. I didn’t notice on the way down. The rocks were extremely sharp but gave it good grip to climb. It would be awful to do barefoot but highly recommend spending some time here.


Next stop to end our day; The Heart Shaped Rock since I forgot to find it the other day!



Directions: 7495 Kahekili Hwy, Wailuku, HI 96793

Hike: Easy/Moderate/Rocky/Steep/Short hike

What to bring: Sandals okay, shoes preferred, goggles, bathing suit


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