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DAY 3-4 of 7: Kiss & Hug Wall and a not so good day!


Barranco Camp to Karanga Camp

Woke up at 7am to the smell of a delicious breakfast 3,960m up. This seriously is like luxury camping guys. We had a veggie omelet, fresh mango, grilled peanut better banana sandwich, porridge (oatmeal), and tea! That is the top of Kilimanjaro in the background.imgThis was my favorite hiking day! Leaving Barranco Camp, we started the hike. There was a waterfall in the beginning of the trail. We crossed over the stream. I wish I knew the day before, I would of taken sweet photos. So make sure you go take a look!

We started to hike up the gorge.imgIt was a super rocky climb. I was literally stretching my legs to the max and pulling myself up. Though, I am 4’11 :P.imgI was having a blast though, it made hiking a bit more interesting!imgIt’s amazing that we start hiking well before the porters and some how they still manage to pass us going up Barranco Wall. They balance very heavy bags on their heads all while climbing! I didn’t see ONE BAG drop the entire time, in fact the entire trip! These people are the true bad asses!imgIt is recommended to leave extra early on this day to avoid a traffic jam like this one. I didn’t mind since I was in no rush to get anywhere! Plus it allowed me to catch my breath climbing the wall.imgWe crossed over the KISS & HUG wall! Haji, our main guide spoke of it the day before. He wasn’t kidding that you had to hug the wall and swing yourself over since there was no trail to walk on. Don’t worry though it wasn’t that scary!imgAfter we climbed the wall, the landscape flattened out and it felt a bit like Mars!img

imgWe ascended and descended a lot.  At 14,000ft you start to levitate! Or maybe just a little slap happy!imgWe decided to take a break in the clouds.imgCheck out out cool Haji our guide looked in my Kapten & Son shades! … Like a BOSS!img

Not only does Altezza hire the most qualified crews they also find the most fun ones too! Haji and Chi-Chi our guides ROCK! img

imgThe clouds cleared up for a few minutes!imgHaji, always being the funny guy! Not really sure what we were talking about here, lol!  We all became good friends on the mountain. imgWe hiked a couple more hours and saw Karanga Camp from afar. My jaw dropped once we made it to this point. We had to climb all the way down then zig zag all the way back up to the camp! It wasn’t as bad as it looked!imgThe climb down was very cool. It felt like a desert jungle. There were lots of mossy trees. Haji was impressed we didn’t use our trecking poles since it was steep in a lot of places. We never used them before this trip to be honest. We were fine without but you may want to use them because it is sandy, steep and may help your knees.imgWe made it to the bottom area, now all we had to do is climb back up!imgI recommend going to the bathroom before you make it to this bottom part! I had to pee and there were not many spots to go without everyone seeing me! Usually I can hide behind a rock but since we were between two peaks there were eyes everywhere! At this point in the trip, I didn’t care.

PLEASE: if your using toilet paper to go to the bathroom in the wild, take it with you. You can throw it out at every basecamp in the squatting toilet. Leave no trace.

Look how cool the view was behind us. We just hiked from there. Do you see the tiny people?

img It took us about 25 minutes to get to the top.
imgWe took our mandatory photo (by me) in front of the sign and signed in like we do at every camp.imgThe crew had everything set up and ready for us to eat lunch once we arrived! Still baffled how fast they are. I didn’t think we were that slow, lol!

We had pumpkin soup, pasta slaw, french fry, muffin, hard boiled eggs, fruit, toasted bread and tea!imgWe took a nap. I even fell asleep! Usually, I can’t fall asleep during the day no matter what. We woke up at 3pm and went for our 200-m gain in altitude hike. We hiked in the direction of Barafu Camp (tomorrows camp). This is our acclimating hike. Climbing high and sleeping low allows your body to acclimate better to the high altitude.

We hiked up going pole-pole (slow-slow in Swahili). You can see the top Kilimanjaro beside us! Since the whole hike took an hour we only brought Rons bag with some water.imgWe saw other porters carrying water to the next camp. Chi-chi, our guide told us they will go down to the stream and carry it three hours to the next camp since there is no water there! That means they have a very long day! They started where we came from 3-4hours away, filled up the barrels at the bottom then took it to the next camp 3-4 more hours away and come back! Crazy right!?imgHe said there was a window arch we will see tomorrow, it was too cloudy to see during our hike! So, be on the look out!

Once we got back we had popcorn and tea as a snack. Then had dinner, did our medical checks (o2, BP, questionnaire, lungs), went in our tent for the night and played Canadian euchre! I was killing Ron so I was having a blast! Glory rare moment for me, he always wins!

Ron ended up getting sick around 9pm. Hoping it wasn’t altitude sickness. He rested while I attempted to shoot the stars. They were incredible! However, you have to be fast because clouds move very fast up here! I was frustrated the first 10 minutes, I had my lens cap on, typical me! It was freezing so I gave up. This was all I got. Just sitting back watching them were amazing! It was the darkest sky and most stars I have ever seen! So don’t forget to look up!img

Day 4

I woke up around midnight throwing up and other things. Ron woke Haji up. He got up to check our O2 and tempature. We both had a fever but our O2 was good. He gave us ibuprofen, pepto, and a nasty electrolyte packet to drink. Ron and I laid in our tent, took turns every hour puking in a bucket and walking to the squatting holes. We experienced things most couples will never experience together, thats all I am saying, lol!  Haji, stayed up to check on us and tried to get us to eat. I had some dry toast. There were other people that got sick too. Since Haji is first-aid certified he helped other companies clients also. Another reason why Altezza was our first choice.

By 8am he did our medial checks again. Our BP was high from throwing up and we still had a fever. Haji made the call that we should stay at this camp another day to see how we feel. By 1pm we were feeling much better. We both threw up once more and didn’t get sick again, now we just needed to get our strength back. We went for a 10minute walk. It was rough. We just laughed about the whole situation! For dinner all we wanted was steamed carrots, eggs and toast. It was hard to eat but we got a little down. We played cards till 9:15pm and then passed out. We were still hopeful we could make it to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro! We slept 16 hours this day! 

Though this day didn’t go as planned, we felt at ease with the care given to us by Haji and his expertise in the matter. He took really good care of us and got us stronger to continue our climb the next day! 

Our Mt. Kilimanjaro climb and Safari trip with Altezza Climbing & Safari was discounted. However, as always, my thoughts and opinions are entirely my own! Teva also supplied us with products, however we receive no kickbacks. I promote only products that I love. I have been wearing the Teva brand for over eight years.

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Day 3/4 of 7

Trekking from Barranco Camp to Karanga Camp

CHANGE IN ELEVATION: Barranco Camp (3,960m) – Karanga Camp (4,035)


HIKING TIME: 4-5 hours.

Acclimatization hike

CHANGE IN ELEVATION: Karanga Camp (4,035m) – Destination point en route to Barafu Camp (4,270m)img




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