Day 3: Hiking Iso Valley’s Secret Trail


As we arrived to the park I immediately wanted to play the sound track to Jurassic Park. We were surrounded by steep valleys with luscious greens 365 degrees all around us.

 We took the short walk up to the main lookout point of the Iso needle. Interesting fact; In 1790 the needle severed as a lookout point during the battle of Kepaniwai to unite the islands. Its not only beautiful to the eye it also has a deep historical significance that changed the course of Hawaiian history.

Now for the secret trail! Just to the left of the lookout point over the rail you’ll see a trail, take it! About 5 minutes of walking you’ll see the best view of the whole needle.


best spot to see allu9879

Now for the fun part, following the trail of the un-known!12

About another 10 minutes you’ll see a choice to climb up to the left. Not many places to put your feet.


Be carful, the winds can blow you over! I stayed close to the ground since some gusts were really strong. You don’t have much land on either side of you. If you don’t want to do the whole hike this spot has some spectacular  365 degree views as well.


We began to walk threw large trees showing their beautiful roots.



Shortly after, the trail became quite narrow, just wide enough for shoulder length. I wore shorts just fine but got little scraps from the branches along the way. It didn’t phase me because I was so excited to see where this trail was going to take us.



Before I began much further I stopped to admire my new sparkly white Tevas before I destroy them with natures way!


Lets just say that didn’t last long, about 20-30 minutes into our hike it began to get really muddy.

Definitely recommend a closed toe shoe. As I was slipping and sliding with all the mud on my feet.  I didn’t think we were going to hike in mud today. I guess all the good hikes come with some mud! There are various lines you can take on the way up but they should all lead you to the top, just keep going.

The last couple minutes are a steep climb.


About an hour into hiking we have arrived to some one of a kind 365 degree views of lush green valleys with several waterfalls.

b1For a quick moment the clouds moved away and the tip of valley showed it self.



I spy the ocean below!


We were the only ones at the top enjoying this beautiful place.


We hung out for about a half hr just in awe.



Ron, being patient as always pondering as I document every little thing.

Looking at the small details, we found all the stages of how the Hapu’u Ferns grow. My all-time favorite plant, the fern!




Also, these crab spiders as locals call them were everywhere! It seriously looks like a sugar skull face! Do you see it?!



I would be more shocked if I haven’t learned about these from our Bahamas trip this past February! As much as we wanted to stay on the top we headed back back down. I tracked our hike down with the All Trails app. It took about an hour and a half to hike 1.5 miles. Hiking down for about 20 minutes, we passed about three groups of people headed to the top.  Ron wiped out pretty good on a muddy stump so be prepared to make some funny balancing moves to keep yourself from falling.

Made to the bottom, took the fork right down to the stream and rinsed off all the mud. Also a perfect spot to cool off and relax for a minute.



This trial may not have been very long but It defiantly kicked my butt! Hiking threw all the mud and narrow trails made for long distance

Next stop Olivine pools!



Distance: 3miles round trip

Hike: moderate/difficult

Cost: 1$ walk in $5 per car to park

What to expect: Mud, narrow trail, some steep parts, 365 degree green valley ridges, waterfalls in the distance. Give yourself 2-5 hours, we took about four hours total. 

What to wear: Closed toe shoes, long pants, shorts okay.


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