Day 1: Our take off and arrival process into Maui, HI


Our day started with waking up at 4am, we love our early flights! Got lucky with having one flight to Chicago then a direct 8 hour flight to Kahului Airport, Maui (this is rare for us, were usually hit with 2+layovers) so you could only know how excited I was!

IMG_3880Now to just get my little rant out of the way; after arriving on Saturday 1pm, we waited one hour for our bags, two hours for our rental car, then another two hours to get to Kaanapali Beach Club where we stayed arriving around 5pm.

“Tip, expect to have delays flying in on a Saturday . It is a small airport and if several planes fly in at the same time expect 1-3+ hours to get bags and rental car.”

We go to our room to see our, “Ocean View” which we paid extra for. I look out the window; sure enough I seen some water.. yeah a spec of it super far away! As I looked beyond the parking garage, threw the trees, all the way to the right I could see some water.

arrival pic

After going back and fourth they switched us to another room. It was a little better but at that point we were quite exhausted and honestly we will just be at the hotel to sleep anyhow so it wasn’t a big deal. It’s the fact that we paid extra thinking we would be right on the ocean. I forgot to take a photo but our view was the putt putt golf coarse and then the ocean.

“Tip; when scheduling online make sure if you pay extra for “Ocean front” that it is actually “Ocean Front.”

Now that that’s all done with the rest of the trip was incredible with ZERO complaints!
We spent the rest of the night in the hot tub then off to bed! We tried to plan our action packed day for tomorrow but Ron fell asleep before 8pm then I passed out sitting up with computer in lap!

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