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I am a Start Today Journal junkie and a GOAL digger! I live and breathe writing my dreams and goals down. It’s been a practice since I was a teenager. Looking back, you’d think I would be lying but I have checked off SO MANY major goals in life thus far and I am fairly certain it’s because I WRITE THEM DOWN, read them, think about them daily and take small actionable steps towards achieving them!

My thought philosophy is if you don’t have a direction on where you want to go… how on earth are you going to start taking the right steps to get you there?

“If you can dream it you can do it,” my favorite quote.

I am a firm believer you can achieve all your dreams in life if you are willing to put in the hard work, sacrifice, and tenacity… you will get there! Journaling is a perfect first step!


If you don’t already know, Rachel Hollis, my favorite mentor came out with a, “Start Today Journal.”

She taught me a simpler and unique way to write my goals and dreams down as if they already happened!

I love the process so much I decided to giveaway one of Rachel’s “Start Today Journals” to my subscribers! I REALLY wanted to buy one for everyone as a thank you for the survey feedback requested during this giveaway but I didn’t have the budget to do so.

With that said, I decided to create this post for them and anyone else looking to start working towards achieving all their goals and dreams.

You don’t “need” a fancy journal to start writing down your goals.  Rachel has an hour-long podcast giving away the first chapter on how to create your own Start Today Journal, FREE! You can find it on The Rise Podcast episode 72. If you don’t want to listen, I break down all the details below with snippets from the STJ.

“Journal is a personal process to keep dreams and goals top of mind and in focus. There is so much power in setting your intentions every day. This process gives your subconscious direction on where it’s going rather than just another to-do list.” – Rach


inside the Start Today Journal

  • 5 things you are grateful for
  • 10 dreams you already achieved
  • 1 goal you are currently working on


These are little things that happened throughout the day or the day before. Those feelings you get deep down in your gut and heart for example… a random stranger complemented on my new shirt making me smile, or how delicious these blueberries tasted today giving me the nutrition I need to become healthy, taking a walk with my husband and dog spending quality time together, grateful for my fingers that allow me to type this right now it’s a privilege.

TIP: Check out #starttodayjournal hashtag to see more examples. Also, save things your grateful for in your phone throughout the day as they happen.


This one took me a little time, and will change very little as I move through different seasons of life however, I repeat the exact same 10 dreams every single day as if they already happened!


Who do you want to be in 10 years? What are the 10 dreams that would make your vision a reality for you? Which one of those dreams are you going to turn into a goal and focus on next?

Difference between a dream and an idea you have

 A dream is something you think about or obsess over. A dream is something you fantasize about coming true. You have a dream to get into shape. It becomes a goal when you sign up for a half marathon and join a running club and start racking up the miles.

A goal, is when you STOP HOPING for your dreams and actually START WORKING toward them. A GOAL is a dream with its work boots on. <—Truly the best statement I have ever heard!

YOU HAVE to put in the effort, sacrifice and hard work… writing them down will not make all your dreams appear however it’s a GREAT start that gives your subconscious a direction on where it’s headed!


Words from your girl Rach. Have you ever thought about what the best version of you is like? Many of us imagine great things happening but very few people spend the time to imagine in vivid detail what their BEST SELF would be like.

Imagine a decade of time has gone by, your living your best possible ideal for yourself and your life. DREAM BIG! Don’t put any restrictions on it. No over thinking. What is the very best version of yourself doing? What does she/he look like? How does he/she go about his day? How does she speak to people she loves? What kind of clothes do you wear? What kind of car you drive? Do you love to read? Do you love to run? Where do you go on vacation? What activities are you doing?

Narrow those 10 down. A good way to get an idea is check out the #starttodayjournal hashtag. There are MANY examples.

You want your dreams so crazy that when people read them they think you’ve gone crazy! Think “who does she think she is…” This means your dreaming right!


Write them as if they’ve already happened because Rach read once that your subconscious focuses on what you give it. So, if you tell yourself (and your subconscious), “I’m going to make a million dollars” you don’t end up focusing on the goal but on the words “going to.”

It’s just another TODO list for the brain. You didn’t give it a direction, you didn’t ask your mind to help you figure out how, you only told it that you were going to do something. Tell yourself a specific outcome “I HAVE a million dollars in the bank.” Have is present tense, which means your subconscious starts focusing on how to make that real RIGHT NOW.

“Going to” is something in the future. “Have” is present tense, which means your subconscious starts focusing on how to make that real RIGHT NOW.

Use “I am” not “I will”

“I HAVE” not “I want”


What is the one goal out of the ten you just finished that you can work on this quarter?

  1. What are the specifics?
  2. How will you measure your progress?

I want to lose weight say “I want a body-fat percentage body of 24%”

I want to save money say “I want to save $5,000”

Those are specific goals that you can measure against.

Make sense?!

Some items on my list are things I want to achieve; other items are things I can accomplish every day. For example, I eat vegan meals five days a week, I am an exceptional wife, I completed a full Ironman and won 1stplace in my age group.

I am able to judge and measure whether I am making progress or getting closer to where I want to be.

NO TIME LIMITS!  That just sets you up for failure and you end up beating yourself up about it and most likely giving up!

The intention here is that working on your ideal self is a lifelong process to become who you were meant to be. Lifelong process doesn’t  have a time limit. All that matters is that you have consistency. Not perfection; looking for habit and that’s why the Start Today journal is a practice for every day.


It takes me typically EIGHT minutes to fill out my journal! If you don’t have EIGHT minutes in a day, then you need to move some priorities around to doing something FOR YOU!

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INTENTION: “Journal is a personal process to keep dreams and goals top of mind and in focus. There is so much power in setting your intentions every day. This process gives your subconscious direction on where it’s going rather than just another to-do list.” – Rach

WHAT YOU NEED: 1 pen 1 notebook – use anything to write on. Go to dollar store get a note book, sticky notes, blank pages of junk mail, envelopes… anything!

HOW TO USE THE JOURNAL: Listen to episode 72 of the Rise Podcast where she shares the first chapter of the Start Today Journal and/or read the description above.

Check out the #StartTodayJournal hashtag for ideas and inspiration.


  • 5 things your grateful for
  • 10 dreams you already made happen
  • 1 goal you are going to achieve first

WANT THE REAL DEAL : Check it out here! I get nothing from this. I just LOVE what she has created and everything she does! This simple tool changed my life and I hope it can start changing yours too!


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