Top 27 Inspiring Quotes from Rachel Hollis

Top 27 quotes from Rachel hollis

In honor of Rachel Hollis new book release, “Girl Stop Apologizing,”  I created my top 27 favorite Rachel Hollis quotes! Want to get her newest book FREE?! Scroll to the bottom and download it now! If you don’t know who Rachel Hollis is yet, then I am excited for you, because she WILL change your life, feel like your best … Read More

Everything you must know before visiting Abraham Lake Ice bubbles

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 My experience at Abraham Lake I never imagined being surrounded by millions of frozen bubbles full of methane, a gas that is 25 times more powerful than carbon monoxide and yet is in awe of its beauty. Just don’t light a match, right?! In this post you will learn all about: Abraham Lake My Experience What is methane gas and how frozen … Read More

Top 20 Inspiring female influencers to follow in 2019

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  Become inspired in 2019 Don’t have many mentors in your life? Like minded friends that just don’t understand you? Wanting to become inspired to start living your best life in 2019?!  ME TOO… which is why I LOVE Instagram so much! It’s been a huge source of inspiration for me personally from starting my own blog, doing my first … Read More

Our Wedding Day #ronandsamsayido

Our wedding day 2

I’ve heard many times over that your wedding day is one of the greatest days of your life and now that I am married, I am here to tell you that it is so incredibly true! May 30th, 2015 was by far the greatest day of my life thus far (sounds cliché but it’s true). Not only did I get … Read More

45 Most Epic Wynwood District Photos + All the Details

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If you have an Instagram you most likely have seen this colorful wall before, am I right?!My recent girls trip to Miami consists of planning places to take lots of photos!  When I found out this Instagram famous wall was near, we had to go! It’s not often that I get to go somewhere with just girls that love to dress up, … Read More

20 Photos That Will Inspire You to Visit Madrid + 2 Day Itinerary

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TWO DAYS IN MADRID WHERE TO STAY Reading many reviews we came across Mola Hostel which means “cool” in spanish! It was situated in the city center offering a great price per night. The updated young, modern decor totally sold me! Take a look at their site for your self! Not only do they have adorable rooms, they also have … Read More

20 Photos That Will Inspire You To Visit Barcelona + 2 Day Itinerary


        TWO DAYS IN BARCELONA WHERE TO STAY Since were backpacking through Europe we decided to stay at hostels and save some money. From doing a quick search we came across Pars Tailor’s Hostel with great reviews! It was easy to reserve online same day. The rooms were so nice and clean! This was my first time staying … Read More