Exploring the Most Magical Place Minutes from Miami; The Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

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Could you imagine what your summer home would look like if you employed 10% of Miami’s population to build it?! It would be incredible right! James Derring, a retired Vice President of International Harvester did just that on a whopping 130 acres from 1914 to 1922. He named it, Vizcaya. Today it stands as an internationally renowned accredited museum and … Read More

45 Most Epic Wynwood District Photos + All the Details

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If you have an Instagram you most likely have seen this colorful wall before, am I right?!My recent girls trip to Miami consists of planning places to take lots of photos!  When I found out this Instagram famous wall was near, we had to go! It’s not often that I get to go somewhere with just girls that love to dress up, … Read More

The Ultimate Road Trip From Miami to Key West


The Ultimate Road Trip From Miami to Key West My mom was turning the big “5 0” and I wanted to do something amazing for her. She is the most caring person you’ll ever meet and will do anything for you.  So, I wanted to treat her to a lot of FIRSTS and get her out of her comfort zone … Read More

Top Places to Eat, Stay and See in Key West!

We drove the rest of the way to Key West from Key Largo. I forgot how awesome seven mile bridge was. Once we hit mile marker 47 it was nothing but you, two bridges and water on both sides for seven straight miles. It’s known to be one of the most iconic drives in the US stated by National Geographic. … Read More

Top Places to Stay and See in Key Largo


WHERE TO STAY AMORAY RESORT We made it to Key Largo from the Everglades late at night so we stopped at Amoray Resort, the first hotel we saw and got a room. Apparently it is a very common place to stay for divers and snorkelers all over the world! Our original plan was to wake up and snorkel the famous, … Read More

The Ultimate Fan Boat Ride Tour in the Everglades


We left Miami Beach just in time to catch the last fan boat ride for the day at Buffalo Tigers Airboat Rides! I searched a bit and compared many close by companies for prices and good reviews. Buffalo Tigers was nearly half the price of everyone else. We thought it was a mistake but it wasn’t! We went for it, … Read More

How to Spend the Perfect Day at Miami Beach

I didn’t have any set plans on what we were going to do for my moms 50th birthday extravaganza week. I’m the kind of gal that plans along the way. However, I did know one thing for sure, we were going to the beach! My mom has never seen the ocean before let alone swim in it! Ron had some … Read More