Where and when to find, super blooms still happening in California 2019

Girl sitting in poppy field

I was lucky enough to witness the rare Super Bloom of 2017. It was so incredible I never wanted to miss one again and felt everyone should experience this rare phenomenon at least once! It’s not too late to see the bigger, longer lasting Super Bloom of 2019! What you will get from this post: List of the best places … Read More

Everything you must know before visiting Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve

Antelope Valley Poppy feild girl sitting

If you’re wanting to plan a trip and be guaranteed to see painted colorful desert hills filled with millions of blooming poppies and wildflowers for miles you must visit Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve! Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve is known for the most consistent poppy blooms in all of California! This park is over 1,700 acres with only seven miles of … Read More

Directions to the Secret Swing in San Diego

San Diegos

Swings are even more fun when they’re SECRET! Where is this secrete swing you might ask?! Look no further, I finally made a post for you, making it simple to find this hidden swing overlooking the San Diego coast. It’s funny, I spoke with SO many people that lived there for years and NEVER heard of this place. That’s what … Read More

Why You Have To Hike Cedar Creek Falls During Super Bloom, CA

Summer style guide

If your visiting San Diego or somewhere near there you HAVE to hike Cedar Creek Falls, especially during the Spring when everything is in full bloom. The smells are just magical! They’re are many hikes to do in and around SD. This is on my top list for you to go see FIRST! This hike is only 50 minutes from … Read More

2017 Super Bloom in Joshua Tree National Park

Desert Blooms 2

Did you know Southern California is experiencing what’s called a, “Super Bloom”?! Something they haven’t seen in over a decade if ever. A park ranger stated, “this year’s conditions were perfect for such a phenomenon: long steady rain throughout the winter and the heat never got too hot. “ There are flowers in places where you usually don’t see them. … Read More

5 Must-Do Adventures in & around Yosemite National Park

This trip marks our 30th National Park explored together! Ron and I are celebrating my Birthday week! Yes, I get a whole week to celebrate and explore Yosemite NP and Mono Lake!  Thanks to my PNC points, I’ve saved up the past two years (not the best point system but can’t complain) and managed to get our flights and car for … Read More

20 Photos to Inspire You to Visit Mono Lake

Day 5 We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to visit Mono Lake since we were staying so close. I was excited to see the famous tufa towers in person! This 70 square mile saline lake has no living fish but is home to TRILLIONS of brine shrimp and alkali flies. Over 2,000,000 birds visit every year! Talk about a bird watching paradise. … Read More

My Experience Hiking Half Dome & Everything You Must Know

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DAY 3 Our alarm goes off at 3:45am.. yup that early! We had a two+ hour drive to the trail head from June Lake. Rolled out of bed and my calfs were more sore then the day before! Want to know how I won the daily lottery?! Click here and read about how we entered We never looked up where … Read More

A Day at Lambert Dome & Tenaya Lake

Hiking 4 mile trail 2

Day 3 Today is the day! Im nervous, but yet excited. So many things running through my mind, do I even want this? I am so sore from yesterday, I don’t know if I can fathom making it. The only way to find out is look. Ron and I both pulled out our laptops, checked our emails at the same time, … Read More

Yosemite; Hiking Up Four Mile Trail To Glacier Point

Hiking 4 mile trail 1

DAY 2 Perks of a three hour time change, we woke up at 5:30am ready for the day! We took it easy, did some work, got an accepted offer on one of our homes and had a good complemtary breakfast. Headed 45 minutes into the park and stoped at the Wilderness Center to see about hiking Half Dome since a … Read More