12 Best winter destinations to visit in the Canadian Rockies

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Wanting to explore the Canadian Rockies without all the major crowds?  You must visit during Winter, the most magical time of year! I share the top places to visit that nearly everyone can enjoy, within a 2-10-minute walk from your car! No need to hike long distances, wear heavy bags, climb high altitudes to see magical winter landscapes in the … Read More

My Experience Walking in the Wild with Wolves


If you had the chance to walk with wolves in the wild would you?! No cages or chains, just you walking alongside wolves in the wilderness, their natural habitat. YOU BET YOUR BOTTOM, once I heard I would have that opportunity to do just that during my 6-day Canadian Rockies Photography Workshop with sought after Sony Ambassador Rachel Ross,  I … Read More

Everything you must know before visiting Abraham Lake Ice bubbles

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 My experience at Abraham Lake I never imagined being surrounded by millions of frozen bubbles full of methane, a gas that is 25 times more powerful than carbon monoxide and yet is in awe of its beauty. Just don’t light a match, right?! In this post you will learn all about: Abraham Lake My Experience What is methane gas and how frozen … Read More

20 photos to inspire you to visit Niagara Falls Ontario

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One hour in Niagara Falls Ontario The most beautiful time of year, FALL! I try to travel as much as possible with my fur babe, Watson. With that in mind I mapped out the most epic DOG FRIENDLY road trip to Up State NY exploring several State Parks with my brother and Jack (Watsons BF). Since I live in Michigan, … Read More