Top 11 Things you Must do While in The BVI + Full Itinerary


One catamaran, one captain, one chef and Six friends sailing to several Islands over the course of a week! Sounds like a dream, right?! Well it WAS! I had no idea what to expect living on a boat for a whole week. This was a first for Ron and I and we loved it! I knew we were going to … Read More

The Famous Soggy Dollar

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DAY 6 After hiking the uninhibited  hermit crab infested trail on Sandy Cay Island, we made our way to Jost Van Dyke to hangout at the famous Soggy Dollar Bar.  This is where the famous Pain Killer drink originated from the 70’s. It is now a staple drink in all the Caribbean! I have to say out of all the beaches … Read More

Day 8: Cooper Island in the BVI

Day 8 Waking up covered in Pringles from one of the biggest party nights of my life on WIlly T’s floating ship means I had a good night, right?! I will admit, my tiny self was still drunk. We got up early to snorkel one more area before we headed to Cooper Island! I could barley function but I thought … Read More

Hiking Sandy Cay, The Uninhibited Island

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DAY 6 We woke up and had a lovely breakfast in the bay of, Little Jost Van Dyke then made our way to another uninhibited island named, Sandy Cay. The island is a whopping 13.5 acres. Thanks to the IRF, they maintain a short hiking trail around the whole island. It consists of incredibly soft white sand, some rocky terrain, lush green forest … Read More

Sandy Spit & The Hidden Little Jost Van Dyke In a Day

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DAY 5 We all slept in late thanks to the epic night before on Anegada. We had a later breakfast which made for a perfect slow moving morning. We anchored at Sandy Cay, waited for the 15-minute storm to pass by, jumped in and snorkeled to the tiny island.The snorkeling is decent especially on the other side of this island. … Read More

The Baths & Virgin Gorda in a Day

Hiking 4 mile trail

Day 3 Our first full day on, “The Sailing Swan” was a treat! It was a long day but we got to see and do so much! We woke up in the bay of Peter Island and snorkeled with a sea turtle while our incredible breakfast was being made by our lovely chef, Annika. I love his tie-dye shell! Our … Read More

Getting to Tortola & Boarding our Festiva Sailing Vacation

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DAY 1 The first day of one of the most epic trips I have ever been on! We woke up at 3:30am on the dot. Travel is the only thing that will EVER get me out of bed that early! We had a quick flight to Boston then about a five-hour flight to St. Thomas. We arrived around noon. We then … Read More

The Only Way to Experience Anegada in a Day!

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After a nice morning run at the Bitter End we sailed 3-hours to Anegada.  We docked at Potters by the Sea and put in our dinner order (recommended). They are famous for their lobster dinner. Though I ordered the grouper.The guys went to get the rental car. When they came back I burst out laughing. It was more than perfect! Sitting … Read More