ULTIMATE GUIDE: See the Best of Acadia National Park in 24 Hours

Best of Acadia National Park

It was my mission to experience the best of Acadia National Park in 24-hours and I did just that! It was my last weekend in Boston. Though I have loved the past two weeks in the city, I was craving some wilderness and hiking.  Doing some research, I came across, Acadia National Park. It’s only a four half hours’ drive … Read More

Why HIKE Jordan Pond trail in Acadia National Park

Girl on top of Bubble Rock Maine

If you get to do ONE hike in Acadia National Park I highly suggest you choose Jordon Pond Trail to the top of the Bubble Rock. It’s the perfect four-mile loop with some of the most beautiful views in the entire park. You can hike around the entire lake for an easy stroll and/or make it a bit more challenging … Read More

Where and when to find, super blooms still happening in California 2019

Girl sitting in poppy field

I was lucky enough to witness the rare Super Bloom of 2017. It was so incredible I never wanted to miss one again and felt everyone should experience this rare phenomenon at least once! It’s not too late to see the bigger, longer lasting Super Bloom of 2019! What you will get from this post: List of the best places … Read More

Hiking Sleeping Giant trail

Sleepinh Giant

Everything you need to know about this legendary hike You ever pick a random hike without researching what it looks like, just go for it and then BLOWS you away with how AMAZING it really was and have NO IDEA how you haven’t heard of it before? That was mine and Rons experience hiking to the top of the Sleeping Giant on … Read More

Top 20 Inspiring female influencers to follow in 2019

BIKE 2 1

  Become inspired in 2019 Don’t have many mentors in your life? Like minded friends that just don’t understand you? Wanting to become inspired to start living your best life in 2019?!  ME TOO… which is why I LOVE Instagram so much! It’s been a huge source of inspiration for me personally from starting my own blog, doing my first … Read More

Ultimate Day Hike – Telluride Colorado

ultimate off road experience 2

Ultimate Day Hike – Hiking Ice Lake & Island Lake Trail I am all about finding the best day hikes since we never have enough time for long multi day backcounty trips. This hike has become one of my all time favorite.  Give it scroll and you will see why! Getting to the trail head After one of the wildest … Read More

Best Primitive Campground near Telluride Colorado

Best primititve campground

Primitive Camping After a fun day driving off-road to Bridal Veil Falls, the tallest free-falling waterfall in Colorado we headed to Alta Lakes for the night! I wanted to find a primitive camping spot to pitch our Front Runner roof top tent. With some research, I found one of the coolest campsites I have ever been to! What I didn’t … Read More

Exploring colorado’s tallest free-falling waterfall off road

The inner part of something the insid 2

Telluride Colorado We were headed back home after spending a week with the Cumming Repower Cruise driving through Washington and the Oregon coast. Which was an absolute blast, especially seeing Ron in his element. He just did his first ever engine swap in our 1988 Defender 110. He never changed oil before but somehow figured it out by watching You … Read More

Ultimate Off Roading Experience Telluride CO

ultimate off road experience

Ultimate Off Road Experience in Telluride CO I have a question for you! Would you drive two-half hours around a mountain to get to your destination or 50-minutes off-roading straight through it!? We chose the ladder and took Ophir Pass through San Juan Mountains to get to the Ice Lake Basin trail! If you know me, I am deathly afraid … Read More

Ultimate 4 Day Waterfall Road Trip Upstate NY + DOG FRIENDLY


I have been planning road trips all over the country for over a decade. Not to toot my own horn but I would have to say I am pretty darn good at it! I’m all about mapping out the best possible routes to save time, money and jam packing it with the must dos within a specific time frame. This … Read More