The legend & details about this epic not so talked about trail

You ever pick a random hike without researching what it looks like, just go for it and then BLOWS you away with how AMAZING it really was and have NO IDEA how you haven’t heard of it before? That was mine and Rons experience hiking to the top of the Sleeping Giant on Nounou Mountian. After exploring Ho’opi’I Falls, we … Read More

Full Guide to Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in Seven days

Ron and I can now tell you what it’s like to hike from the equator to the NORTH POLE in seven days! Because that is what this climb is compared to! We traveled through FIVE different climate zones. One of many reasons why this climb is so unique over other high summits. Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro has been my greatest achievement … Read More

Day 6 of 7: Summit Night and a 28 Hour Day!

Day 6 Laying comfortably staring at the tent walls. We hear shuffling outside. Eyes red, we haven’t slept.  Mangu taps on our tent and says its time, prepare yourselves! What he meant was, get our asses up at 11:30pm and prepare to freeze our bums off in windy 15 degree weather to climb to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro. Actually, … Read More

Day 5 of 7: Day After Sickness & Last Day Before Summit night!

DAY 5 Trekking from Karanga Camp (3,960m) to Barafu Camp (4,035m)  After 16+hours of sleep and sickness the day before, we woke up re-energized and ready to continue our adventure! The day couldn’t start off any better. We washed up with warm water and got up just in time to watch the sun-rise over the peak. Well Ron did, I … Read More

DAY 3-4 of 7: Kiss & Hug Wall and a not so good day!

DAY 3 Barranco Camp to Karanga Camp Woke up at 7am to the smell of a delicious breakfast 3,960m up. This seriously is like luxury camping guys. We had a veggie omelet, fresh mango, grilled peanut better banana sandwich, porridge (oatmeal), and tea! That is the top of Kilimanjaro in the background.This was my favorite hiking day! Leaving Barranco Camp, … Read More

Day 2 of 7: Climbing Through Mutated Weeds on My Birthday!!

Day 2 This day was a VERY special day! I woke up one year older! On 8/11/2017 I turned 29! Which means I have 365 days left in my twenties! I have big plans but more on that later! Mangu, our waiter woke us up 7am on the dot! I washed up inside our tent and shaved my legs (YES … Read More

Day 1 of 7: Drop off and Hike to Shira 2 Camp above the clouds

Arrival process A quick recap from the night before. Ron and I arrived at Kilimanjaro airport at 8pm. It took two hours to go through customs, so be prepared to wait! They take your photo, fingerprints from both hands, and use a whole page in your passport for a visa. It seemed extensive but made us feel even safer about … Read More

5 Must-Do Adventures in & around Yosemite National Park

This trip marks our 30th National Park explored together! Ron and I are celebrating my Birthday week! Yes, I get a whole week to celebrate and explore Yosemite NP and Mono Lake!  Thanks to my PNC points, I’ve saved up the past two years (not the best point system but can’t complain) and managed to get our flights and car for … Read More