Best Primitive Campground near Telluride Colorado

Best primititve campground

Primitive Camping

After a fun day driving off-road to Bridal Veil Falls, the tallest free-falling waterfall in Colorado we headed to Alta Lakes for the night!

I wanted to find a primitive camping spot to pitch our Front Runner roof top tent. With some research, I found one of the coolest campsites I have ever been to!

What I didn’t know it required MORE off-roading! The access road is only one lane, not well maintained and is a super steep but once your’ passed that part it flattens out to a much wider gravel road. For instance, we saw someone with a camper, so if they can do it you can!

We were nearly to the top of the 5-mile rugged road and all sudden our Defender LOST ALL POWER! We were in the middle of nowhere with, no service, and at 11,000 ft. Having no idea what happened, we decided to push it off to the side, pop our tent and figure it out in the morning.

imgWe got our cozy warm butts up at 5-am in hopes to make it to the top for sunrise. Thankfully Ron’s a GENIUS and figured it out! The ignition wire came loose after all the off-roading we’ve done. Good thing he took apart this entire Defender, rebuilt it and put it back together himself because he knew exactly which wire needed to be re-connected. If you only saw how many bundles of wires was behind the dashboard. I thought we were in BIG TROUBLE… but like I said he’s a GENIUS and it started right up!

He packed our monsoon bag from Front Runner full of tools just in case things like this happened. This was our morning view.

imgWe packed up really quick and headed literally 5-more minutes to the top. We found a spot to chill, cooked breakfast and watched the sunrise.img


imgThis bird kept landing on my camera and then flying at us trying to get our breakfast! It was hilarious!img


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OPEN SEASON- June – October

WHAT TO EXPECT– snow free by late June, 16 primitive sites underdeveloped, 7-day limit, 2 vault toilets, no water and FREE to stay. Pack it in, pack it out. No reservations. First-come, first-serve dispersed camping. 11,000 ft. altitude near the top.

DIRECTIONS- Alta Lakes Road off CO-145 South of Telluride. Took twenty minutes from Telluride to Alta Lakes Road then another 30-40 minutes to drive the rugged 5-mile dirt road to the top.






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