Directions to the Secret Swing in San Diego Oct 11 '18 - Swings are even more fun when they’re SECRET! Where is this secrete swing you might ask?! Look no further, I finally made a post for you, making it simple to find this hidden swing overlooking the San Diego coast. It’s funny, I spoke with SO many people that lived there for years and NEVER heard of this place. That’s what ... Read More
Half Ironman for Dummies Aug 18 '18 - Completing a Half Ironman is one heck of an achievement! Not only do you become a bad ass, get in the best shape of your life, feel great you also become a disciplined endurance machine! If your someone like me, wanting to get into the sport but feeling like a DUMMIE not having a clue on where to get started ... Read More
Holiday Weekend Adventures Jul 13 '18 - Sponsored by Zappos With the 4thof July landing on a Wednesday, it was hard not to celebrate two weekends in a row! I wore my new Sanuk Yoga Sling Spectrum sandals on a journey to some of my happy places! We spent the first few days with my family on my Grandparents property Up North. We consider “Up North” a place here ... Read More
Mackinaw Island & Dark Sky Park in a Day! May 25 '18 - I am always looking for fun weekend getaways exploring my home state, Michigan. This short road trip consist of exploring Mackinaw Island during the day and then staying up till 1am laying amongst billions of stars and the Milky Way. My friend and I have been wanting to check out Headlands International Dark Sky Park for a few years now. Neither ... Read More
Why You Have To Hike Cedar Creek Falls During Super Bloom, CA May 2 '18 - If your visiting San Diego or somewhere near there you HAVE to hike Cedar Creek Falls, especially during the Spring when everything is in full bloom. The smells are just magical! They’re are many hikes to do in and around SD. This is on my top list for you to go see FIRST! This hike is only 50 minutes from ... Read More
Our first Spring weekend getaway of the year in our 1988 Defender Apr 27 '18 - Sponsored by Zappos Spring has finally sprung here in Michigan! It’s been abnormally cold this Spring, but this past weekend it FINALLY broke into some warm weather and I could not wait to get out of town and #strapintospring in my new Teva sandals! I’ve teamed up with Zappos to share the love and #strapintospring with new Teva sandals! If you ... Read More
The EPIC not so talked about or traveled Na Pali coast ridge hike, how to find it and why it’s now one of our favorite hikes! Apr 17 '18 - Choosing the not so traveled or talked about Na Pali coast ridge hike was one of the greatest decisions of our whole trip! The 16 miles stretch of Na Pali coast is considered one of the most beautiful natural wonders in the US. It’s lush green sea cliffs rise more than 4,000 feet from the ocean. It’s only accessible by ... Read More
The legend & details about this epic not so talked about trail Apr 14 '18 - You ever pick a random hike without researching what it looks like, just go for it and then BLOWS you away with how AMAZING it really was and have NO IDEA how you haven’t heard of it before? That was mine and Rons experience hiking to the top of the Sleeping Giant on Nounou Mountian. After exploring Ho’opi’I Falls, we ... Read More
Ultimate Day Hike along one of the most famous natural wonders of the world, the Na Pali Coast Apr 12 '18 - If you’re going to do ONE hike while in Kauai the Kalalau Trail should absolutely be it! The trail weaves though one of the world’s most famous natural wonders, the Na Pali coast. You get to hike along many different landscapes such as lush green costal ridges along the Pacific, crossing fresh water streams, unspoiled beaches, bamboo forests, and valleys ... Read More
Ultimate Guide on Where to Find rare Rainbow Eucalyptus trees in all of hawaii Apr 10 '18 - One of my favorite photographers took a photo of a rainbow looking tree years ago and I couldn’t believe it! I thought Peter Lik photoshopped it! Then… many years later I went on a hunt to see for myself. Now I am in love and want to share with you how fascinating these rainbow eucalyptus trees really are! I have ... Read More
The #1 activity you must to do while in Kauai!! Apr 4 '18 - I’ve have experienced a lot of things throughout all my travels but this is by far one the coolest experiences to date and here’s why! The past decade I have traveled and explored 49 US states and 17 countries thus far.  I love to experience new things in various ways. It’ll be a decade this year in fact that I ... Read More
Exploring Queens Bath + Everything you must know before going! Mar 31 '18 - Day 4 Morning Hike to Queens Bath Looking up some simple things to do I came across a short hike to Queens Bath. It was 4 minutes from our condo, we could’nt not go! The GPS took us though the neighborhood. I thought it was wrong. There was a small parking lot enough for about 8-10 cars. We wen’t before ... Read More
Best spot for off-roading, mudding & dunning in Kauai + what not to do & full day itinerary Mar 30 '18 - Day 2 Off roading, mudding, & dunning After our morning with Sky Dive Kauai we headed to  Kauai Coffee  to taste test their 32 flavors for FREE right down the street. Not that our adrenaline was already pumping enough :p! We then had lunch at Paco’s Tacos. The boys got some fancy frys and nachos. We got our typical fish tacos. ... Read More
The Grand Canyon of the Pacific, Waimea Canyon Lookout Mar 23 '18 - Waimea Canyon Lookout After off-roading, we had some time to spare before heading back to our condo an hour and fourty minutes away to Princeville so we thought why check it out + take atvantage of their bathrooms! There are not many to come by. They were selling all sorts of unique in-season local fruits. We got some local star fruit ... Read More
Make your own coffee from scratch + Waterfall hike! Dec 19 '17 - Ever wanted to know how coffee was made? We did! Not only did we see how it’s made, we got to make some ourselves, from the very first step to sipping our own custom brew! Ron is a coffee fanatic! We were both excited for this authentic tour. It was our last day before going home and had some spare ... Read More
4 day Fall Foliage pet friendly Roadtrip to the UP Oct 26 '17 - It’s one of the most beautiful times of year in Michigan right now and its not too late for you to see it for yourself! Fall foliage is nearly at it’s peak so we decided to take a four day road trip in our new Defender to the Upper Peninsula and explore with our dog Watson! If you’ve been following along since ... Read More
The Ultimate 3 day safari to 3 famous national parks Oct 22 '17 - After spending 7 days climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, Ron and I got to relax on a three-day safari exploring three different National Parks plus a pit stop to a Masai Village! This was a childhood dream come true! As I am sure, many of you can agree, The Lion King is the greatest movie of all time! Am I right?! Such ... Read More
A day at the most famous Tanzanian National Park; Ngorongoro Crater! Oct 21 '17 - DAY 3 of 3 Safari Excursion Ngorongoro Crater We woke up at 6:30am! Its best to leave as early as possible so we can see the variety of animals that are only active during morning hours! People were even leaving hours earlier than us! Ngorongoro is one of the most famous and interesting of Tanzania's national parks because they have ... Read More
A Day at Lake Manyara National Park + Everything You Must Know Oct 21 '17 - Day 2 of 3 Safari Excursion Lake Manyara Per usual, we had a 6am wake up call to go eat breakfast! Early mornings are typical when on a safari. We were considered late starters! But I was still getting sick! People leave earlier in the morning to see variety of animals that are only active during the morning hours. Check ... Read More
The Best of Tarangire National Park In a Day + Full Guide Oct 19 '17 - Day 1 of 3 Safari Excursion TARangire National Park Our first night we stayed at Lake Burunge Tented Camp. This place was BEAUTIFUL! We arrived just in time for dinner. It was buffet style on a candle lit balcony sitting amongst the stars. I wasn’t feeling well so Ron enjoyed it alone :(. We were getting ready for bed and ... Read More