Best of Acadia National Park ULTIMATE GUIDE: See the Best of Acadia National Park in 24 Hours Jul 24 '19 - It was my mission to experience the best of Acadia National Park in 24-hours and I did just that! It was my last weekend in Boston. Though I have loved the past two weeks in the city, I was craving some wilderness and hiking.  Doing some research, I came across, Acadia National Park. It’s only a four half hours’ drive ... Read More
Girl on top of Bubble Rock Maine Why HIKE Jordan Pond trail in Acadia National Park Jul 18 '19 - If you get to do ONE hike in Acadia National Park I highly suggest you choose Jordon Pond Trail to the top of the Bubble Rock. It’s the perfect four-mile loop with some of the most beautiful views in the entire park. You can hike around the entire lake for an easy stroll and/or make it a bit more challenging ... Read More
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Sleepinh Giant Hiking Sleeping Giant trail Jan 2 '19 - Everything you need to know about this legendary hike You ever pick a random hike without researching what it looks like, just go for it and then BLOWS you away with how AMAZING it really was and have NO IDEA how you haven’t heard of it before? That was mine and Rons experience hiking to the top of the Sleeping Giant on ... Read More
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Best primititve campground Best Primitive Campground near Telluride Colorado Dec 12 '18 - Primitive Camping After a fun day driving off-road to Bridal Veil Falls, the tallest free-falling waterfall in Colorado we headed to Alta Lakes for the night! I wanted to find a primitive camping spot to pitch our Front Runner roof top tent. With some research, I found one of the coolest campsites I have ever been to! What I didn’t ... Read More
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Ron FR copy A Road Trip adventure with our 1988 Land Rover Defender Dec 6 '18 - Cummins Repower Cruise If you’ve been following along for some time now, you know we have the coolest adventure machine known to man and my DREAM CAR! A Land Rover 1988 Defender 110.Two years ago, in February we saw one in St. Thomas, had no idea what it was but thought it was bad ass. We get home and research ... Read More
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Watkin GlenState Park 5 20 Photos to Inspire You to Visit San Miguel Mexico Nov 27 '18 - SAN MIGUEL San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, was voted the best city in the WORLD for the first time as of 2017. Now that I have been, I can see why! The cobblestone streets, stunning architecture, vibrant colors, and so much culture, it’s no wonder why this hidden gem is becoming not so hidden. I never heard of this place until ... Read More
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25 One Day Two Parks Dozens of waterfalls All Pet Friendly Nov 21 '18 - Day 3 of four After spending the day before at Letchworth State Park we were excited to see what Buttermilk Falls and Robert H. Treman SP had in store for us.  It was perfect because both parks were only five minutes apart allowing us to have a full day of exploring with little driving time. Our experience sounded a little ... Read More
Watkin GlenState Park 4 A day at Letchworth State Park – The Grand Canyon of the East Nov 19 '18 - Day two of four Letchworth State park the Grand Canyon of the east We spent our first full day exploring Letchworth State Park since there was so much to see! It’s known as the Grand Canyon of the East because some areas of the rock walls rise up to 550-feet throughout the gorge. The park has three large waterfalls upper, ... Read More
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2 Watkins Glen State Park – a waterfall lovers paradise Nov 11 '18 - Does hiking over and under 19 waterfalls over the course of three miles along the windy rim filled with pools at of one of the most sought after gorges in the country make you want to jump in your car and start driving straight to it?! It sure did for us! Watkins Glen State Park has been on my list ... Read More
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s15 Holiday Weekend Adventures Jul 13 '18 - Sponsored by Zappos With the 4thof July landing on a Wednesday, it was hard not to celebrate two weekends in a row! I wore my new Sanuk Yoga Sling Spectrum sandals on a journey to some of my happy places! We spent the first few days with my family on my Grandparents property Up North. We consider “Up North” a place here ... Read More